Teen Road Trip RPG Get In The Car Loser! out now



Get in the car, loser! begins like all role-playing games about young protagonists with magical powers – only much more bluntly. The world is threatened by the evil Machine Devil and the Machine Devil cultists, and apparently no one is going to save them if not your brave group of heroes. So get in the back seat, you idiot. Get In The Car, Loser !, a free game by Christine Love of Ladykiller In A Bind, has now been refueled and is on the way to his self-proclaimed “lesbian road trip RPG“.

“Three young participants from the Order’s local academy and a renegade angel from the Divine Order set out to lead the battle against the machine devil and his cultists,” says Love Conquers All Games. “Will you be successful in your mission to save the world for another thousand years and meet every guest on the street along the way, or will you just be a useless gay disaster?”

The trailer up here is a little dated, from 2018, but it does give you a glimpse of this active time battle system. On your world rescue road trip, you’ll head straight for the bad guys instead of stopping for side quests, says Love Conquers All Games. Switching weapons controls your characters’ abilities so you can combine and customize them to change how everyone works.

It wouldn’t be a party-based RPG without the interpersonal banter that Get In The Car seeks to bring to its youthful protagonists in abundance. I imagine there’s a lot of joke and insults at a party that includes the Academy of Order’s most popular girl and a real giant pink angel. All of this takes place in conversations in the style of a visual novel.

Writing Love in previous visual novels has been hugely popular in these parts, from Analogue: A Hate Story to the newer Ladykiller In A Bind. More of it is surely welcome.

Get in the car, loser! is available for free on Steam and Itch, though you can grab a $ 10 DLC for an additional beach-themed story chapter and new items.



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