Telegram brings video stickers and with a new update


There are many messaging apps out there, but Telegram is one of the bigger ones. According to a new blog post from the company, a new Telegram update introduces a number of new features like video stickers.

The Telegram video stickers are “easy to make”

Social media and messaging companies are always looking for ways to spice up the messaging experience. Meta just rolled out new 3D avatars for things like Instagram Stories and Direct Messages. Telegram version 8.5 is hitting devices right now and this update brings some nice new features.

First, there are the Telegram video stickers. The program allowed users to add their own animated stickers beforehand, but this required animation software and know-how. The new video stickers allow users to turn regular video files into short stickers that you can place in chat. This opens the door for many more people to make their own stickers.

There are some limitations as you cannot just upload any video. You need a program that can export videos as wepb files with an alpha channel. One side of the video must be at least 512 pixels, no longer than three seconds, there must be a layer of transparency, it must be formatted with the VP9 codec, and the file size must not exceed 256 KB.

There are new reactions and interactive emojis

Telegram also introduced some new reactions to the software. If you want to react to someone else’s chat, you can just “like” it. However, Telegram wants to give you more options. The company has unveiled a handful of new reactions that you can use. There’s a face with flying hearts, an “overwhelmed” face, a thoughtful face, a cursing face, and two clapping hands.

There are also new interactive emojis. If you post any of the above reactions as an emoji, you can tap on it to create an effect. The effect is an animation that takes up the entire screen.

There is easier navigation and bug fixes

Telegram makes it easy to jump back to one of your most recently visited chats. If you’re in a chat, all you have to do is hold down the back button. A list of your recent chats will appear for you to choose from.

That being said, you have your basic assortment of bug fixes and enhancements to the software. The company improved call quality, allowed silent messages to be sent from the share menu, and added translations to the Instant View pages. If you’re excited about these changes, you should make sure you’re using the latest version of the software.


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