The 10 best Dreamcast games that prove just how awesome the console was


The Dreamcast is a polarizing console; It was the final console version of SEGA, and after the disastrous events of the company’s two previous efforts – Saturn and 32X – players had lost all faith and loyalty to SEGA. The Dreamcast only sold a little over 9 million units.

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But the few players who bought a Dreamcast learned that SEGA had intended to return with a vengeance. The console featured unique titles, absurd games, critically acclaimed hits, and excellent arcade ports. Despite being one of the best SEGA consoles of all time, its low sales have unfortunately pushed it out of the console market.

10 ChuChu missile!

Players hurry to navigate ChuChus into their ships

ChuChu missile! is notable because it was the first game to use Dreamcast’s built-in internet connection. The feature was ahead of its time and gamers really wanted to try it out.

ChuChu missile! is a wild, insane multiplayer competition where players have to get as many mice – or chuChus – into their particular spaceship as possible. However, roaming cats – or KapuKapus – threaten to wreak havoc. Add to that the players’ ability to sabotage each other and you have the winning combination for an addicting puzzle game that kept many players up late into the night.

9 NFL 2K1

At the time, NFL2K1's graphics were among the best.

The 2K Sports franchise has become a huge hit – but how many gamers know 2K it all started with the Dreamcast? Because of SEGA’s disastrous and forgotten consoles of the 90s, they burned down their bridges with many developers including EA. Desperate for sports titles, SEGA decided to launch its own sports franchise, and so 2K was born.

NFL 2K1 was a hugely successful game and was unanimously praised by critics and gamers. The incredible graphics, addicting online gameplay, and smooth controls made it an extremely fun experience. It even has an incredible 97 rating on Metacritic.

8th Room channel 5

Ulala plays the heroine in Space Channel 5

What if a rhythm game is set in space based on jet age fashion and then saturated and saturated with vibrant technicolor? Room channel 5 did something happen.

In the game, players take control of Ulala, a reporter who has to stop aliens who are forcing people to dance. To do this, she has to imitate the orders of the aliens directly and stick to the rhythm. The plot was absurd, but the music was excellent, the game was challenging and the graphics were spectacular Room channel 5 an absolute spectacle.

7th sailor

The funny sailor swims around his tank.

This is a great example of the kind of game only SEGA would dare to develop as the sailor Video game was totally weird, but strangely addicting. It was basically a really intricate and haunting tamagotchi. Players had to raise a fish-like creature with a human head, and the game required the Dreamcast microphone hooked into the controller.

Players would need to keep their Seaman company and chat with them to encourage their development. The game was weird, brilliant, subtly terrifying, and totally weird. Still, it went down in history as a one-of-a-kind gaming experience and has since become a coveted collector’s item for Dreamcast owners.

6th Typing the dead

Fast typing is the only way to kill zombies in this addicting game.

Another totally insane Dreamcast game was Typing the dead. This game is based on the popular rail shooter from SEGA The house of death, but unlike the traditional game, instead of shooting zombies, players would type a word like “Shoop-a-doop” that they can type. Players had to spell the world correctly and type fast enough to secure the kill. To achieve this, SEGA released a keyboard peripheral for the Dreamcast that can also be used to surf the web on the console.

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One of the strangest “edutainment” games ever released, it has had a passionate following over the years, and a version of the title was finally released on Steam in 2013.

5 Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Claire is back in the true sequel to Resident Evil 2.

At the time of publication, Dreamcast was the most graphically powerful console on the market. Taking note of the unprecedented power, Capcom released a – then – Dreamcast exclusive resident Evil Title. Code Veronica picked up as the true sequel to resident Evil 2 and implemented real-time backgrounds and dynamic camera angles to really bring the Gothic game to life.

It was the most beautiful resident Evil Game of time, as well as the longest, with a minimum playing time of about 12 hours. The complexity, the theme, the graphics and the story had critics and Code Veronica became one of the most acclaimed games of 2000.

4th Sonic adventure

Sonic returned in full 3D for the Dreamcast

When it was first released in the late 1990s, Sonic adventure almost had what it takes to save SEGA. For the first time, Sonic was finally transported in a fully 3D platformer. The graphics were excellent, the music received praise, and the speed and action wowed the players. It featured heavily in advertising prior to Dreamcast’s launch and was the first killer app for the console.

A sequel followed, which received even more praise Sonic Adventure 2. The two games proved that SEGA still knew how to make great titles and could be a contender in the 3D era. They are also among the best sound Games ever made.

3 Fantasy Star Online

Players were treated to the very first console MMORPG in Phantasy Star Online.

Fantasy Star Online Continuation of SEGA’s popular Fantasy star Franchise and even holds the Guinness World Record as the first console MMORPG. With Dreamcast’s revolutionary built-in modem, console gamers can now hang out with friends, go on quests and level up, all from their living room.

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The game is so popular with gamers that even though SEGA has decommissioned all official servers, gamers have over 20 years after that Fantasy star‘s publication. For those who don’t own a Dreamcast, Fantasy Star Online 2 is currently available for Xbox, Steam and PC.

2 Shenmue

Shenmue's intricate graphics changed the gameplay forever.

When it was released in Japan in 1999 and America in 2000, Shenmue was unlike any game that came before. For the time, the graphics were revolutionary and the gameplay complex and unique. It was a huge open world adventure and almost every character could be interacted with to some degree. Players could even interact with things like slot machines and vending machines.

The game started as Virtua fighter However, RPG later took on a unique form and became one of the most acclaimed games of all time. Unfortunately the sequel Shenmue II, was not released on console in North America, so American gamers had to wait until the Xbox port in 2002.

1 Soul Calibur

Soul Caliber uses weapons to add a new level of skill to the fighting genre.

Soul Calibur is an amazingly well-made game to this day. It’s a weapon-based fighting game that looked and felt better than any fighting game ever made at the time of release. Soul CaliburThe graphics and replayability still hold up more than 20 years later.

It’s easy to see why the game has a Metacritic rating of 98 and even earns a “Metacritic Must Play” badge. Soul Calibur was one of those games that really showed off the power and appeal of SEGA Dreamcast to gamers, proving that the console was a real contender. It’s no wonder that SEGA’s final console continues to have such a strong cult following.

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