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That Solid metal gear The series has been on an extended hiatus since 2015 The phantom pain (Aside from the much-maligned 2018 spin-off, Survive Metal Gear). With Hideo Kojima showing no signs of returning to Konami, fans of the franchise are looking for alternatives that can offer similar entertainment.

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Luckily, there are more than a few titles that can offer players comparable value. These vary in genre and storytelling, but have elements that are Solid metal gear Followers will appreciate such things as the focus on stealth, combat variety, and anti-hero protagonists.


Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Batman fights Joker's goon in Batman Arkham Asylum

In a rarity for a franchise, everyone Batman: Arkham Game can be considered the best as each entry has a unique atmosphere. However, the first is the most similar Solid metal gear because of the required stealth tactics that require Batman to discreetly hit his enemies.

Just as Liquid Snake is Solid Snake’s nemesis, the Joker takes on Batman’s antagonist role as he traps the Caped Crusader in Arkham Asylum so he can escape. While there are no weapons to use as there are Solid metal gearthe tense atmosphere is comparable between the two games.

Hit Man (2016)

Agent 47 disguised as a waiter in Hitman (2016)

That hit man Games take the stealth aspect of things to a greater length than Solid metal gear, with the rebooted title placing Agent 47 in huge locations where he can take out his target. There are many disguises that one can use hit manalong with using locations where 47 won’t blast.

The mix with action is something Solid metal gear Fans will connect with how hit man leaves room for players to blaze guns like Solid Snake can Solid metal gear. There are two other sequels after the 2016 entry, but this one has the most immersive environments to engage in.

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

James Sutherland in an empty room in Silent Hill 2

The diverse style of the series is the reason silent Hill still holds up well today, with the second entry sharing some similarities with Solid metal gear. It’s more the atmosphere that stays similar between the two games than the gameplay, since the protagonist has to dodge enemies like Solid Snake.

That Solid metal gear Franchise is notorious for the jump scares that result when the player gets caught, and so it goes Silent Hill 2. In itself, the game is fun as it immerses players in the scary city that projects the characters’ worst fears into physical form.

Sniper Elite 4 (2017)

A sniper in a camouflage suit aims at a target

Sniper Elite 4 might just bear the closest resemblance to Solid metal gear without actually being a game in the latter series. The main thing that sets it apart is that Sniper Elite 4 places an emphasis on long-distance combat, where players are encouraged to defeat enemies from afar.

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On the whole, the game has elements similar to Solid metal gear, including the use of stealth, melee, and booby traps. It’s set during WWII, so the background of the war is also along the same lines as solid metal gears, although there is no anti-hero protagonist like Snake here.

Assassin’s Creed II (2009)

Ezio walks down a crowded street in Assassin's creed II.

That Assassin’s Creed The series has shifted fairly fully to the action genre lately, but the early entries focused quite heavily on the work of an assassin. The second installment will be a delight Solid metal gear Fans because of the balance between stealth and combat.

Like Solid Snake, Ezio Auditore blends into the environment to eliminate targets and has a wide range of weapons to either use in combat or creatively finish off his enemies. Considered the best Assassin’s Creed Game to Date has an overarching narrative that spans Ezio’s younger days through to him as a master slayer, which is close to Solid Snake’s own development.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)

Lara Croft sneaks behind an enemy in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

During Solid metal gear Series never had a platforming element, there was room for hard-hitting combat and dark areas where stealth takedowns are necessary. Shadow of the Tomb Raider maintains the platforming and exploration of the franchise but has a central theme of survival.

Lara Croft’s adventure takes her to the hidden city of Paititi, where she often has to hide from mercenaries and kill them just like Solid Snake would Solid metal gear games. That Tomb Raider entry has features like Lara covering herself in mud to blend in with the environment to complete assassinations, along with piercing weapons for uncompromising combat sequences.

Death Stranding (2019)

Death Stranding Directors Cut PC Leak

Directed by Solid metal gear Creator Hideo Kojima, death stranding differs in execution from the previous series as it falls under the action genre. However, the storytelling falls very much in line with solid metal gears, with a cast of morally ambiguous characters in a strange setting.

death stranding Set in the apocalyptic United States, the main character protects a “bridge baby” by dodging enemies and transporting cargo through dangerous areas. The unconventional way the plot unfolds and Kojima’s trademark black humor make it stand out death stranding something of a spiritual equivalent to Solid metal gear.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (2017)

More games need summaries like Dishonored Death Of The Outsider - Dishonored Death Of The Outsider Image

A unique take on the action-adventure genre, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider offers players weapons and a skilled protagonist, but has environments where choosing stealth is a better option. This quality of play is like Solid metal geartechnically allowing players to go all out in combat.

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The game integrates supernatural elements into gameplay, with players gaining access to regeneration and teleportation. Given the stealth mechanics available, there are additional contracts that fans can complete where the main goal is to take down targets like an assassin.

The Last of Us (2013)

Ellie and Joel hide from an enemy in The Last Of Us

The zombie horror landscape was changed forever when The last of us came through using controls commonly found in stealth action games. Solid metal gear Fans will appreciate this title’s willingness to show just how brutal things can get, with battles against zombies and humans being equally violent.

The last of us has environments where approaches vary between combat and stealth depending on what type of enemies the protagonists Joel and Ellie are up against. As Solid metal gear‘s Snake, Joel is very rough around the edges and his heroic nature only shows when he begins to bond with Ellie.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Black List (2013)

Sam Fisher shoots at enemies in Splinter Cell Blacklist

For the longest time that splinter group series was seen as the next best alternative to Solid metal gear. Coincidentally, both franchises have been on hiatus for a while since their last releases, with blackist as the latest entry staying true to the stealth action genre.

Gameplay is very similar too Solid metal gear, as the protagonist Sam Fisher must avoid detection while infiltrating various locations. There’s an option to be more aggressive with a run-and-gun system, but to get the true experience of the game you need to uncover the many ways stealth combat can be used.

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