The 10 best measurement apps for Android and iPhone (2022)


Thanks to the introduction of Google’s ARCore and developments such as LiDAR scanners on the iPhone, our smartphones are capable enough to serve as measuring tools. Instead of reaching for a physical tape, you now have the option of installing an app on your smartphone and getting fairly reliable results when measuring real objects. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 10 best measurement apps that you can use on iPhone and Android devices for use cases like this.

What is a measurement app?

Measurement apps are apps that allow you to quickly measure real objects without having to rely on a traditional tape measure. Powered by AR (Augmented Reality) and sensors on the device, These apps are pretty reliable as long as you are not using them for professional use cases. If you want to measure the length, angle, or distance between two objects, you can use any of the measurement apps listed below to get things done without breaking a sweat.

Best measurement apps for Android and iOS devices (2022)

Google’s ruler app Measure used to be my favorite measurement app on Android, but unfortunately Google decided to discontinue it in June 2021. While the Measure app is sorely missed on this list, there are several other viable options you can try on Android. We have also selected a few apps that work well with iPhones. So let’s get to the list.

1. AR ruler app

As the name suggests, AR Ruler is a AR-based measurement app You can use it to measure real objects. Based on Google’s ARCore, AR Ruler offers measurements in feet, yards, centimeters, meters, millimeters and inches. All you have to do is point the viewfinder at the surface plane and tap the screen to start measuring.

In addition to the ruler function, the app also offers a practical way of measuring rooms and creating a 3D floor plan (requires an additional app from the same company). If you are an iPhone user, you will be pleased that AR Ruler is also available on the Apple App Store.


  • Modern interface
  • AR-based
  • Reliable measurements


  • To sue
  • Expensive subscription
  • Requires separate app for floor plan

Download the AR ruler app (Free, Android and iOS)

2. Measure

measure app iphone

Introduced with iOS 12, Measure is Apple’s integrated measurement app for iPhones and iPads. Since it’s a system app that’s already available on your phone, you don’t have to bother to download an additional app from the App Store. You can use the Measurement app to draw lines and measure length in horizontal and vertical dimensions. If you’re looking for a simple yet functional measurement app, Measure is for you. The app works with iPhone 12 Pro and newer, iPad Pro 11 “(2nd generation and newer) and iPad Pro 12.9” (4th generation and newer).


  • Available as standard
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Guided instructions for instructions


  • Limited functionality
  • Requires modern iPhones

Download Measure from the iOS App Store (For free)

3. Moasure

The 10 best measurement apps for Android and iPhone

Moasure is one of the best measurement apps for Android and iOS and has a 300 m tape measure, ruler, protractor and goniometer. With Moasure you can measure distances up to 300 m and angles over distances up to 30 m. One cool aspect of the app besides the measurement options is that it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Thanks to in-app video tutorials, you will get to know this app with ease.


  • Intuitive user interface with no ads
  • Helpful tutorials
  • Diverse measurement options


  • Requires a modern smartphone for accurate results
  • Tutorials can be annoying

Download Moasure (Free, Android and iOS)

4. Protractor


Although the user interface is a bit old-fashioned, Angle Meter is a versatile measurement app. Instead of using augmented reality, takes a more conventional approach and gives you an on-screen ruler, protractor, camera-based laser level tool, and more. A unique aspect of this app is that it gives you the ability to measure the angle or inclination of objects, a feature you won’t find in most measurement apps. An iOS version of the app isn’t available yet, but you can try it out if you’re an Android user.


  • Various measurement options
  • Reliable results
  • Angle measurement


  • To sue
  • Basic interface
  • No iOS variant

Download protractor on Android (For free)

5. Google Maps

The 10 best measurement apps for Android and iPhone

Google Maps might not be the first app that comes to mind when you think of measurement apps, but did you know it can measure distances too? With the integrated measurement function of Google Maps you can Measure the distance between two points in miles and yards or kilometers. To get started, open the starting point in Google Maps and click the “Measure Distance” button. For step-by-step instructions, see our dedicated guide to measuring distances and areas in Google Maps.


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate results
  • Real application


  • No special measurement app

Download Google Maps (Free, Android and iOS)

6. Spirit level – protractor

The 10 best measurement apps for Android and iPhone

Bubble Level is a well thought-out app that simulates the functionality of a conventional spirit level. Filled with alcohol in a vial, a traditional level or spirit level is a tool used to determine the horizontal or vertical direction of a surface. Next to the spirit level is the App also offers a straight ruler, 2D ruler and protractor for added convenience. Although the app has ads, you can remove them by collecting 50 coins. You will receive 10 coins for watching an ad.


  • Simple interface
  • Reliable results
  • Presence of a spirit level measurement


  • To sue
  • Should calibrate the phone first

Download Spirit Level – Protractor on Android (For free)

7. Roomscan Pro

roomscan pro

If you’re looking for a floor plan app, then you should try Roomscan Pro. First, point the app at the floor and wait for it to identify the floor. Once that’s done you can scan every wall in the room to create the floor plan with ease. If you have a newer iPhone like the iPhone 13/13 Pro or the 2021 iPad Pro with a LIDAR scanner, you can also use the RoomScan LiDAR app for more accurate measurements.


  • Extended range of functions
  • Intended for professionals
  • Clean interface


  • No Android app
  • Steep learning curve
  • Requires a subscription for unlimited exports

Download Roomscan Pro from the iOS App Store (For free)

8. GPS field area measurement


With the GPS Fields app, you can easily measure the area, distance and perimeter of a region. Similar to the Google Maps measurement tool, you get the map view and have the option to mark points. You can use either manual measurements or GPS to take the measurements. To use the app, select the start and end points on the map and you will see the distance in the top left corner.

You also have the option to save the measurements in the app or in your phone’s gallery. If your use case involves measuring land or fields, GPS Fields Area Measure is the most viable measurement app for Android or iOS.


  • Card interface
  • Handy for measuring the perimeter of fields
  • Can save measurements


  • To sue
  • Practically identical to the Google Maps measuring tool
  • No other functions

Download the GPS field area measurement (Free, Android and iOS)

9. Smart measurement

intelligent measure

Another app worth considering is Smart Measure. While the app is fairly simple to use, one crucial element to keep in mind is that it is measures the height from the ground. If your use case involves measuring the distance of objects above the ground, you should either offset the distance manually or use an AR-based measurement app. Note, however, that the app has ads and you need to buy the Pro version for Rs. 110 to remove ads.


  • Can measure height and distance
  • Works fine on old phones
  • Light app


  • Outdated interface
  • Cannot measure above the ground
  • Has advertising

Download Smart Measure on Android (For free)


PLNAR measurement app

Our final choice for a measurement app is PLNAR. PLNAR goes beyond a simple conventional measurement app and offers the possibility of using AR to create 3D models of the room. Since the app is aimed at professionals such as designers and contractors, you can use PLNAR to measure area, perimeter and surface and even generate a 3D CAD file of your room. Note, however, that the app is only available to iPhone and iPad users.


  • AR-based
  • Can create 2D and 3D room plans
  • Generate CAD file


  • No Android app
  • Too advanced

Download PLNAR from the iOS App Store (Free)

Test the best measurement apps for Android and iOS

As mentioned earlier, measurement apps are handy apps that will help you without having to use a physical measurement tool. If you often measure things in the real world, we hope this list helped you choose an app that would suit your needs. If you want to expand your app library, just take a look at our list of the best open source apps for Android.


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