The 10 Best Police TV Shows Currently Airing, According to IMDb


There has never been more creativity and ambition in the TV Industry. It is unbelievable what quality of content dominates the medium today. Thanks to streaming services and additional networks, there are more places to watch TV than ever before.

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Police procedures have always been a popular medium of the medium and this also applies to modern television. A lot Police trials and cop shows are available to see, but there are some that are just so much better than the rest, they should be viewed as a must. Fortunately, IMDb rated these shows and helped fans narrow down the best of the best.

10 Blue Bloods presents a police family driven by the badge (score: 7.6)

Blue blood has grown to be one of CBS’s most trusted programs. It has been made available for more than a decade reliable police storytelling on TV. There are nearly 250 episodes of Blue blood, it would be very easy for Blue blood to work on autopilot. Reception for Blue blood stays high – proof that the personal drama attacking the Reagan family is as important to the series as the crimes they undertake. The multiple generations of characters do too Blue blood accessible to a wide section of the population.

9 CSI: Vegas returns to its forensic roots (Score: 7.7)

old favorites on csi vegas

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was one of the most popular police programs of the 2000s, helping to bring forensics into the spotlight for mainstream audiences. CSI has over 300 episodes with multiple spin-offs.

Television has become so cyclical that it is now being returned as CSI: Vegas. Of course, CSI: Vegas has only one season under its belt, but its IMDb rating of 7.7 is on par with the original series’ 7.6. William Peterson returns to lead the intrepid team of investigators.

8th NCIS has maintained the peace for almost two decades (score 7.7)

NCIS management room

Fans may not believe the Navy and Marine Corps experience so many crimes and murders. With more than 400 episodes, NCIS is certainly proof to the contrary. For almost 20 seasons NCIS was the leading series when it comes to this niche division of crime, but its success and effective structure have also resulted in several popular spin-offs.

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NCIS is comfort food for the majority of its audience and understands its formula perfectly at this point. It has maintained a basic level of consistency for most of its long life.

7th 9-1-1 Turns to the wilder side of rescue missions to find his heroes (Score: 7.8)

TV 9-1-1 cops Peter Krause

The popular production team of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear are putting their increased energy into this 9-1-1. ONEn extreme series of police proceedings, 9-1-1 follows first responders handling some very unusual emergencies. 9-1-1 benefits from the fact that his perspective goes beyond the police and also looks at firefighters and other key dispatchers. The incredible scenarios continue to deliver and the characters have real hearts behind them – even if the cast changes frequently. The formula for success that 9-1-1 builds on works so well that a spin-off, 9-1-1: Lone Star, also got together.

6th The blacklist combines good behavior with persuasive criminals (score: 8.0)

The black list has seen some bumps in its eight seasons. Blacklist continues to tell powerful, well-played stories that still hit hard after almost 200 episodes. The core story that originally drove Red Reddington’s actions has passed its expiration point. But the caliber of the criminals he hunts remains compelling. The black list could outlast due to the charisma of James Spader and what he brings to the lead role. Even when the quality of the writing deteriorates, Spader’s commitment to the role sustains it.

5 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has become the longest tradition of the television police (Score: 8.0)


Law & Order: Special unit for victims has more than 500 episodes. It has surpassed his ancestors, and some of the younger generation have never lived in a world without Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson, who heads the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit.

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SVU may feel like a parody of yourself at times, but it’s always satisfying. SVU learned how to use these exaggerated stories that rip from the headlines to get your police procedural formula up and running as effectively as possible. There can often be a fine line between good and bad, however Law & Order: Special unit for victims lives in this place.

4th The rookie reflects the awe of police work with fresh eyes (score: 8.1)

The rookies Angela and Nolan

Audiences love second chances, stories of salvation, and when someone who thinks they’re out of the game just engages in it. The beginner did all of these things. The beginner centers on John Nolan, a man who is inspired to join the LAPD after accidentally helping police in a bank robbery.

Nolan’s outside perspective is enough to keep The beginner feels fresh, but much of its success has to do with Fillion’s magnetism. He’s an actor that people will follow to new shows regardless of their premise.

3 Chicago PD Emphasizes the City’s Support System (Score 8.1)

Chicago PD

Dick Wolf’s modern “Chicago Verse” has found tremendous success by focusing on the various utility companies that solve problems in the city. Chicago PD is the most established of the Chicago Series and is almost into its tenth season.

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Chicago PD has an eclectic mix of crimes to draw from. All crimes emphasize the dangers of the city and the level of heroism and intelligence required to overcome it. Sgt. Hank Voight has grown into a fearless leader and it’s always fascinating to see how he puts everything into his work. He values ​​Chicago’s survival about his own life.

2 Kingstown Mayor analyzes crime from a unique perspective (Score 8.2)

Every streaming service wants to have their own original prestige drama led by an A celebrity. Paramount + recently debuted Mayor of Kingstown With the sought-after Jeremy Renner. Mayor of Kingstown specifically focuses on abuse of power and corruption of the Michigan prison system.

It highlights another aspect of the police process. Mayor of Kingstown is still in its first season, so it is possible that this early goodwill will be lost over time. Hopefully Mayor of Kingstown keeps this dynamic.

1 Fargo is an elegant story of corruption told through anthology storytelling (score: 8.9)

There has been a popular trend over the past decade where popular films are used for inspiration new TV shows. One of the most successful examples of this is Noah Hawleys Fargo. Tonally and stylistically paid service to the Coen Brothers, Fargo forges its own interconnected narrative through anthology storytelling.

Every season from Fargo investigates another period of corruption. Granted, seasons three and four aren’t as well received as the first two. But there is still such love for her Fargos highlights that the show’s score remains impressive despite its flaws.

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