The 8 best free smartphone apps to help keep our shores clean


Unfortunately, it has become common for the beach and sea to be littered with litter, from plastic bottles to straws and cigarette butts. Keeping the coast clean is not only important for your health and quality of life, but also for protecting the ocean’s ecosystem and marine life.

It’s time to make a change and keep the world’s shores clean. Whether you’re chasing your trash or participating in a beach cleanup, here are the best free Android and iOS apps to help you clean up your local beach.

1. Marine Litter Tracker

You certainly know how to declutter your home or work space, but what about your local beach? Marine Debris Tracker is the ultimate garbage tracker app for those who want to make a difference in their community, city or country. The app is easy to use and has one main goal, which is to make collecting and logging the litter or marine debris they pick up painless for people.

To use Marine Debris Tracker, all you have to do is sign up and activate your location. Tap there fast lane to add the trash when you pick it up. The categories cover every imaginable material type, from plastic and glass to fishing tackle and wood. Once you’re done collecting, you can upload and save your cleanup session. Alternatively, you can select an organization within the app and track your trash for that particular initiative.

Downloads: Marine Debris Tracker for iOS | Android (free)

2. Ocean Hero

Since OceanHero is actually a browser, it’s a bit different from the other apps on this list. The app works by recovering plastic bottles from the ocean for every five browser searches you do.

Just like a regular browser, you can use OceanHero to search the web the way you want. The only difference is that you save the ocean at the same time. The more you search, the more levels you unlock, which means less plastic in the ocean. Additionally, you can collect shells that increase the bottle counter at the top of the browser.

Because OceanHero is fun to surf, you’re more likely to keep using it. Plus, it’s incredibly clean and smooth to use.

Downloads: Ocean Hero for iOS | Android (free)

3. Clean beach

Clean Beach’s goal is to make cleaning up our beaches real fun. It takes a reward-based approach to preserving our shores and making it more enjoyable and rewarding. Also, the fact that you can unlock a higher rank by picking up junk adds to the motivation.

If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss app, why not try Clean Beach? Beat Start collecting followed by the discarded items you found during your cleanup session. Tap when you’re done counting your trash collection Next and the app will show your location and a breakdown of any litter items found. As you collect more junk, you will be rewarded with more badges.

Downloads: Clean Beach for Android (Free)

4. Clean the swelling

Clean Swell is a rubbish tracker app that makes it really easy to pick up rubbish and make a positive impact on our shores. The app lets you do three things: input data from a garbage disposal device, start a new clean, or record a previous clean. For individuals or groups collecting litter, it is best to use the second option. Here you can enter your information such as B. the location, the type of cleaning and the number of people involved.

Whether it’s diapers or foam packaging, every piece of waste collected is conveniently categorized in the app. Aside from using the Clean Swell app to clean up the beach, you can record your cleanups in the surrounding parks, forests, wooded areas, school campuses, etc.

Downloads: Clean Swell for iOS | Android (free)

5. BeachClean

Download the BeachClean app and join a movement of beach lovers dedicated to preserving the beauty of the world’s shores. BeachClean encourages you to get involved, even if it’s just two minutes. That home Tab contains posts from people around the world who also use the app to record their garbage collection.

To log your own cleanup, tap the plus button and optionally add a photo or comment. The next step is to find and log the items you removed, be it 10 food containers or a coffee mug. The key aspect of BeachClean is the friendly community of like-minded people who motivate you to make a difference, even if it’s just for a few short minutes.

Downloads: BeachClean for iOS | Android (free)

6. MyCoast

The MyCoast app is different from the rest as it is not just dedicated to beach cleaning. You can also use the app to document and report disruptive flooding, storm damage, royal floods, abandoned ships, and beach clean-up projects. Depending on what you’re logging, each individual report is critical to helping others make better decisions, such as: B. how plastic waste can be reduced or the local economy can be supported.

Using the MyCoast app is easy. Just tap Add report, choose your state, choose the report type and once you’ve entered all the important information, it will be automatically uploaded to the MyCoast server. Reporting a beach cleanup is as simple as choosing the beach, counting the number of volunteers, and snapping a photo or two of it.

Downloads: MyCoast for iOS | Android (free)

7. Garbage cleaning

Do you need a little motivation to go out and collect litter daily? The Litter CleanUp App is the perfect way to encourage yourself and others to keep our beaches clean. But regardless of whether you’re cleaning up your local park or trail instead, you can still use the Litter CleanUp app.

The Litter CleanUp app works like this: take a picture of the piece of litter you pick up, send it off and track your progress. Rubbish Rewards, Streak Badges, and Referral Badges are part of the app’s rewards system. In addition to rewards, you can communicate with other app members, view their progress, and even send friend requests.

Downloads: Litter CleanUp for iOS | Android (free)

8th toss Lotto

There are so many amazing benefits of cleaning up your local beach, but it’s the lack of motivation that keeps people from making the time to do so. One way to get rid of garbage completely is zero-waste, but that goes a long way.

The best way to get people to work together and keep our shores clean is by offering amazing discounts and prices. Sure, doing your part and picking up junk is great, but what if you could win prizes at the same time?

The LitterLotto app is not complicated. Snap a photo of the trash as you throw it in the trash can and you could win big. The more entries you and the community submit, the bigger the jackpots will be. It also means more trash in the bin and off the beaches.

Downloads: LitterLotto for iOS | Android (free)

These apps can keep our shores happy and healthy

In all likelihood, cleaning up the beach is something you’ll want to do. However, it is difficult to know how to start. It’s much easier for those who live closer to the ocean to develop a passion for beach cleaning, but those who live farther away may need more of a boost.

Luckily there is a selection of fantastic smartphone apps that can encourage you to head down to your local beach and start cleaning up. Not only will this small action save marine life, but litter tracking can also help reduce plastic waste. Wouldn’t it be nice to visit the sea without seeing plastic bottles or cigarette butts? To make a difference, use these apps to keep our beautiful shores clean.


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