The best games of September 2022


While RobloxThe Discover page is a great place to browse for upcoming experiences, but not everything featured is fully fleshed out. Because RobloxWith younger children, the most popular experiences tend to have simple mechanics, if there are any mechanics at all. Gamers who don’t mind a constant flow of Obbys and Adopt Mes won’t have a problem with the Discover page’s algorithm, but those looking for something more mature might get lost.

Beneath the vast layers of rudimentary experiences, thorough titles await discovery. There are many games from experienced developers that just didn’t make it onto the right side of the site’s algorithm. Their experiences are aesthetically sound, developmentally sound, and overall fun to play thanks to the dedication of the programmers, modelers, and animators who put their hearts into their games.

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Warrior Cats

Those who grew up reading warrior by Erin Hunter recognizes this title immediately. Warrior Cats is the official RPG for the series, and the developer’s devotion to the books is evident in the game’s design. The map is extremely accurate and shows popular places like Twolegplace, Sunningrocks and Barley’s Farm. Character rigs are smooth and work well with the in-game animations. Beautiful cat models and textures are a big step away from that Roblox‘s standard humanoid models.

Players can create their own cat in the experience’s signature art style, choosing from a variety of patterns, fur tufts, and ear shapes. Once in the game, players can join one of the four clans and role-play with the dedicated player base. Warrior Cats is one of the best RPGs, even for those who aren’t fans of the original series.

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royal high

Those who like high school roleplaying games will love it royal high The greatest feature of this experience is that the character customization tool is free. Players can outfit their character in dozens of outfits for free, unlike other popular experiences that often charge for decent attire.

As a high school RPG, the emphasis is on attending classes and earning rewards. Players can also socialize, role-play, visit their own interactive apartment, and most importantly, take part in mini-games. Additionally, beautifully modeled environments and user interfaces complete the aesthetic of the experience as a king-centric game. As one of the most beautiful and deep games on the platform, royal high is worth a visit at least once.

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world//zero is one of the few fantasy RPGs on the platform that combines a deep job system with stunning graphics. The worlds are beautifully designed and filled with mobs intelligent enough to automatically target the player. Different classes and an intuitive combat system give the player the opportunity to get a taste of traditional RPGs, even if they have never played one before.

Players can create a unique character in world//zero‘s anime art style and choose their own class. Between exploring the 20 dungeons and nine unique worlds, players can customize their character, unlock pets, and complete daily quests to earn rewards. In the area of ​​there is always something to do world//zeroand that makes it one of the best fantasy games on the platform.

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Work in a pizzeria

world in a pizzeria is all about teamwork. Everyone has to do their part to get paid. Upon logging in, players can choose between different roles in a pizzeria such as cashier, chef, boxer, delivery driver and delivery person. Each job contributes to the daily operation of the pizzeria. If there are no supplies, there are no pepperoni for the pizza. If there are no boxers, no pizza will be delivered to the customer. This dependence on other players makes Work in a pizzeria one of the more unique titles on the platform.

Aside from working in the restaurant, players can customize and upgrade themselves, their cars, and their homes while earning paychecks by the day. While Work in a pizzeria has a dedicated player base that values ​​collaboration, the game is more fun when played with friends.

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fight warriors

fight warriors is one of many fighting games on the platform, but its intuitive AI, smooth animations, and smooth UI set it apart from the rest. Designed to be free-for-all, players can spawn and eliminate their surroundings with their only limitations being the weapons in their hands and the stamina bar. Between beginner, standard and voice chat game modes, there is a challenge for every type of player, whether casual or hardcore.

what does fight warriors One of the best fighting games is its gory animations. Limbs will pop off after being defeated, causing blood to splatter everywhere. An explosion from a grenade throws maimed enemies in the opposite direction. fight warriors is one of the few experiences that dares to add carnage Roblox.

Roblox is a place where the only limit is your imagination, and it’s developers like these who continue to hold onto that Roblox both a free and exciting experience that will keep players coming back for more. Seasoned players who are struggling to find experiences will need to keep looking as hundreds of underrated games are just waiting to be found.


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