The best Prime Day deals on D&D Dice, RPG Dice, and more


Prime Day 2021 is full of deals, but as a D&D fan is there really something for me? Hell yeah, there are tons of D&D and RPG dice out there for Prime Day.

There are whole bunch of cheap ones out there Polyhedral dice on sale for only $ 20 as well as a more expensive single set of hollow metal cube for $ 36.

If you are just getting started with D&D and TTRPGs in general, check out our Best Virtual Tabletop Software Page and our Guide to Playing D&D Online.

If you already know everything you need to know, then browse through some of the best D&D dice deals and best RPG dice deals we could find:

D&D and RPG dice offers

DND cube set 20×7 polyhedron cubes (140 pieces): was $ 26 now $ 20
There’s not much to say about it other than way too 20 sets of D&D and RPG dice, all for the low price of $ 20. There are several shades of red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, green, black, and white.Show offer

Hollow Metal Cube Skull Black and Gold: was $ 46 now $ 36
If you are looking for quality over quantity, these hollow metal cubes are a solid choice. These metal cubes are made entirely of tiny, handcrafted skulls that outline their shape. And in the middle there is a nice gold color over the numbers.Show offer

HAOMEJA DND metal cube dragon: was $ 18 now $ 14
Who doesn’t want epic looking dragon dice? I mean, if you play Dungeons & Dragons I would be surprised if you didn’t have something to do with dragons. If you don’t, you can also pick up this sick dice set from Ancient Red Copper.Show offer

Brand: N / D Antique Bronze Metal Dice Set: was $ 20 now $ 9
If you’re looking for something outside of the typical fantasy, these antique bronze cubes exude a steampunk aesthetic. This set also comes with a black velvet pouch to carry your dice in.Show offer

hong hui copper hollow metal cube set: was $ 50 now $ 37
If you’re looking for a dice set that will wow your table party, this set of pure copper hollow cubes could take the cake. There is a lot going on in the design of this set, with a dragon devouring each side of the dice.

Polyhedral cube set filled with flowers: was $ 14 now $ 11
If you like D&D cubes with items filled in, then this set of poly cubes filled with flowers may be of interest to you. It’s available in different colors, but my favorite is the rose / white with gold numbers.

Large DND Cube Dragon Drawstring Bag: was $ 20 now $ 15
Of course, after you’ve bought all of these dice, you’ll need something larger to hold them all in, so get yourself this huge dice bag. It can hold up to 300 cubes and has 8 different pockets.

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