The Chinese megahit Tale Of Immortal now has an English language version


It’s always exciting for me when a Chinese game suddenly becomes popular on Steam. It creates the feeling of pressing my face against a window and staring on the other side at a potentially delicious buffet that I can’t eat.

So it was with Tale Of Immortal, a seemingly huge open-world 2D action RPG that appeared to have 90,000 positive Steam reviews overnight after launching in January. Well, now the buffet window has been smashed and Tale Of Immortal has just added an English version.

Tale Of Immortal is inspired by Chinese mythology and mystical arts. You run around smashing swarms of things with a hotbar of skills, leveling up to unlock new skills, and chatting with NPCs. The world you explore is represented in a lush, hand-drawn art style that sometimes looks like it was painted in watercolor on parchment.

A post on the game’s Steam page explains that localization is around 90% complete. Small future updates to the game may not be localized right away as it takes a long time to translate, but otherwise the game should now be perfectly playable for those who can read English but not Chinese.

If you’ve played the game before, your existing gamer profile may still be preset to Chinese. You can change the “语言 ——” setting from “简体 中文” to English (alpha) and restart the game, according to the developers.

Tale Of Immortal is also currently available at a 20% discount which is £ 12.39 / € 13.43 on Steam at the time of writing.


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