The dark witch RPG Black Book has announced a launch date for August


The dark, witch-like RPG Black Book has come up with a release date and a new trailer. The dark adventure, based on Slavic myths, follows the story of a witch named Vasilisa who tries to use the demonic Black Book to bring her fiancée back from the dead. You know, the kind of search that has never had dire effects. We’ll find out how the Vasilisa story ends when Black Book hits the market in August.

In her quest to revive her beloved, Vasilisa engages in a few deck-like RPG battles and uses spell cards against large demonic villains. Developer Morteshka say you will also solve side quests and puzzles in seven chapters of Vasilisa’s adventure through the countryside. Oh, but collecting demons has consequences. If you don’t keep them busy with your commandments, they will torture you instead.

You can also catch a glimpse of the side quests and daily witchcraft in the new trailer. Alice B played a round with Black Book last summer, calling it one of the best Steam Festival demos of the event last June. She then also explained a little more about witchcraft without a fight:

“But the most interesting thing is that you have to do the day-to-day business of witchcraft, that is, see people who have come to you for help and advice. The first of them, in the demo, is a miller who has seen strange things has shapes in the dark in his mill. So you have to visit the mill the next day and see what’s going on. That way, it’s kind of Grandma Weatherwax ’em up – although in this case most of the demons are real, so are you can’t use headology and sugar water placebos. ”

You can still play the Black Book Prologue for free on Steam if you want to check it out before August.

Black Book will be available on August 10th on Steam, Epic (no store page yet) and GOG for £ 20 / $ 25 / € 25 with a 15% discount during release week. You can also find it on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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