The ending of Moon Knight Episode 5 explained


First you have what we envision as the normal world where Moon Knight is just one of many heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The same world we watched for four episodes until Marc Spector was shot in the chest. The second world is the institution where the psychiatrist Dr. Harrow tries to understand Marc and Steven’s adventures in a grounded environment. Then there’s the Third World, where Marc and Steven try to understand life after death. They are in an asylum, but one linked to memories and a ship that will take them to either divinity or damnation, depending on how things end for them.

Who is Steven Grant?

To Steven’s horror, it is discovered that Marc is in fact the original personality. As a child, Marc and his younger brother Randall were big fans of gravebreaker, a cheap Indiana Jones knockoff about a dashing archaeological adventurer named Dr. Steven Grant. One evening the two brothers went to explore a cave, despite strict orders from their parents to return home when it started to rain. Marc ignored the warnings and they continued their adventure, only for the rain to turn into a storm and flood the cave. Marc survived but Randall did not.

Marc’s mother blamed him for Randall’s death and spent years neglecting him or physically abusing him depending on her mood. As a coping mechanism, Marc became his own version of Steven Grant, picking up an English accent and acting like a polite optimist. Marc faced the truth when it came to his mother, but Steven had to live the lie that his mother loved him. Without this trauma, Steven was free to lead a normal life.

Well, not quite normal considering he’s spent decades without 100% control over his body.

How did Marc lose control of Steven?

Marc was in the military, but having a double life didn’t really fit that kind of situation, so he got fired. He became a mercenary, leading to him becoming the Fist of Khonshu. Meanwhile, Steven had to live a simple life as a museum worker, not realizing what was really going on and why days of his life remained unexplained.

Months before the events of this show began, Marc received news that his mother had died. Though dressed for their Shiva, Marc couldn’t bring himself to enter his own home and get any sort of degree, no matter how his distraught father waved at him. Marc instead drank from a bottle and walked away before collapsing in grief and turning back into Steven.


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