The first truck navigation app for Android Automotive is now official



In other words, the number of apps that support Android Automotive is growing, and another big release was officially confirmed this week.

This is Sygic Truck Navigation, a software solution that is intended to guide truck drivers to a defined destination, taking into account essential data such as vehicle width, height, weight and restrictions. Therefore, by analyzing the truck-specific parameters, the application can provide appropriate navigation and prevent the dire cases of large vehicles getting stuck on roads they don’t fit on.

This is also the reason why truck drivers are not recommended to use Google Maps at all. Since truck mode is not supported, Google Maps always offers navigation for cars so that the vehicle width is not taken into account when creating a new route.

Sygic Truck Navigation comes with its full range of functions to Android Automotive, including online functions with offline support, full text search, real-time online services including traffic, weather reports and fuel prices, and POI integration.

Of course, there is also voice recognition so that the application can easily be configured with voice commands, whereby the app also promises a simple interface to access other connected transport services.

Compared to Android Auto, which requires a mobile device to run on a head unit, Android Automotive is pre-installed ex works and therefore offers enhanced integration with vehicle functions. For example, Google Maps can keep an eye on the autonomy of the vehicle and suggest charging stops, while the Google Assistant can control additional functions by voice, including the air conditioning.

Several automakers have already announced the launch of Android Automotive, including General Motors, Renault, Ford, and Honda. See this page for the full list of cars that ship with Android Automotive.



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