The Google Arts & Culture app assigns museum artworks to your pet



Source: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central

Google recently updated its arts and culture feature with a new feature especially for animal lovers called Pet Portraits, which takes a picture of your pen and matches it with artwork.

The latest update, rolled out on some of the best Android phones this week, opens the new pet portraits mode right when you select the camera icon. If you select “Take Photo” you can either take a picture of your pet using the viewfinder or upload one from your phone’s gallery.

The function analyzes and compares the image and compares it to various museum works of art, listed based on the percentage of similarity. From there, you can either retake, save, or share the image. You can even enter a slideshow to see all of the different pieces of art, or select a piece of art to see the full picture, as well as the artist and museum it is shown in.

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If that sounds familiar, it’s because Pet Portraits is using Google’s kind of selfie feature, which went viral for a moment a few years ago. This feature is still there and accessible via the new carousel layout in the art and culture camera, which replaces the old list view.

Google ensures that users are informed before use that the images will only be processed on the device and will not be sent to the server. In addition, only you will see pictures unless you choose to share them.

The feature appears to be part of app version 9.0.27, which may not have been rolled out on all devices yet (some of our devices like the LG Wing have it, some don’t).

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An art exhibition in the palm of your hand

Google Arts & Culture is a fun app that lets you take a visual journey through history and see some of the most famous paintings up close. There are also fun features like Art Selfie and Pet Portrait that compare your images to renowned works of art.

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