The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Story Showrunner Notes: “It’s a June Serena Thing Now”


Elisabeth Moss tells THR: “I wish June was the kind of person she was before Gilead who could live happily with Luke” […] But the problem is that she’s not the same person who married him. I don’t think she can get over it. […] June and Nick are the love of war. You were in the same war, had the same experiences and this bond is very difficult to break. “

Miller is equally upbeat about June and Nick’s chances, despite the season four revealing that Nick has now remarried in Gilead. “Does she have a future with Nick? Naturally. Would you have expected that once she left the house in Waterford she would have a future at all? They have said goodbye forever so many times, I firmly believe that there is a way for them to meet again. “

“June would do anything to get Janine out”

The last time we saw Janine she was back in Gilead after being apprehended after the Chicago bombing that separated her from June. On the phone to Canada, Commander Lawrence told June that her friend was now at the Red Center with Aunt Lydia. Janine had three meals a day, a roof over her head, and was safe, he assured June, not understanding that there was no security with the aunts, not even for Lydia’s favorite girls. Bruce Miller describes Janine (who may temporarily forget her daughter Hannah) as “June’s heart in Gilead” and says June feels responsible for Janine and Esther and will do anything to get them out.

Moss agrees and says THR, “She’s all-in. She wants to bring the whole system down and that would save Hannah, save Janine and get real revenge on Serena.”

“I’m in no hurry to finish it”

Miller confirmed that serious work had been started last season to pave the way for the proposed spin-off series The wills, based on Margaret Atwood’s sequel to her original novel 15 years later. “I have to see this as part of the universe because it divides characters. We have certainly tried to move it this season. The relationship between Lawrence and Lydia is about how Lydia begins to gain access to the corridors of power. “

So could season five be the end of? The story of the maid, ready for The wills take? It doesn’t sound like it. Speak with THRStressing how much he and the team loved doing the current show, Bruce Miller said he was “in no rush to finish it”. […] I’m not going to close it while we have interesting stories to tell. ”That sounds like a call to extend the story at least into the sixth season and maybe beyond?


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