The Human Species Extinct – An Editorial


I used to love reading books about a future where humanity will die out due to a virus, alien invasion, or some other global event. Today we are suffering from catastrophic events at the same time due to Covid-19, the refusal of many millions not to protect their own health or that of others, and global warming.

Now I can’t even look at those storylines because we’re living them in real time. The villain who threatens the entire human species, however, is the unthinkable: stubborn people who refuse to be vaccinated out of their own inflated self-esteem.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, I have a big question: why don’t you value other people’s lives as much as you protect your own body’s response to a vaccine? The vaccine, as we all know by now, doesn’t kill you. What fear is so great that you won’t just do it for all of humanity?

My own vaccination was something I knew I had to do regardless of the side effects. For me, the only moral choice I could make when it came to getting a new vaccine to protect myself and others from Covid-19 was clear: I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s death. I wasn’t happy about the vaccination, but as a person I knew it was my ethical duty to protect others, even if the vaccination made me sick. Of course I would!

In the US alone, over 700,000 people – just like you and me – have died from this terrible virus. Globally, we hit 4.55 million this week, and that number is escalating. In America, the “home of the brave,” only 56 percent of the population took the vaccine in hopes of protecting themselves, their loved ones, and the most vulnerable strangers.

Over 61,000 deaths in the United States from Covid-19 have occurred in people under the age of 60, with the number of deaths among those who have not been vaccinated ten times higher.

America tops the list of deaths by country from Covid-19, which shows the madness here as the millions of Americans who refuse to get the vaccine are dying in droves.

Delta is just one variant of this malignant virus, and even with your vaccination, if you’re obese or overweight and get the disease, the data shows something terrifying: 78 percent of all Covid deaths are from those who are obese or overweight.

It turns out that all of the dystopian films and books about the end of mankind weren’t fiction.

And because the unvaccinated refuse to get a vaccine, the most at risk of our populations, including anyone with cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even healthy living of an old age, may catch it for you and die.

My old love for science fiction is gone forever because I see people dying and leaving this earth without being able to live their full lives. Millions have decided they owe nothing to their fellow human beings, not even a proven safe vaccination. If it wasn’t safe and even saved a life, I would take it.

In the real world, our own action has evolved to be on the verge of extinction. It’s not just the pandemic that will wipe out our species; it is selfishness. Then look at the weekly extinctions of new plants and animals, melting glaciers, and global warming and you will see the pattern of our demise.

As rational, ethical people, in these times of the decline of our species and our planet, all we can do is try to cure diseases, develop breakthrough science-based vaccines, and remember that it is better, even in times of a moral backbone, with a moral one Lose the backbone of living war.

When you have the resources, it’s time to plan a new world with survivors who can start over – just like in all of those old books and films. But please: don’t involve the narcissists. We just can’t afford to carry them on our backs anymore.

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