The Mappapers app turns maps into smartphone wallpapers


There are a number of regular wallpaper apps that do an excellent job. You can find some beautiful wallpapers there, and some of them even specialize in certain types of wallpapers. If you’re looking for something more customizable and also significantly different, the Mappapers app is for you.

The Mappapers app actually turns maps into interested smartphone wallpapers

With this application you can basically turn a map into a smartphone wallpaper. Yes, you can basically turn any map into a wallpaper. So, for example, you can use the map of your neighborhood if you want.

So how does it work? Well it’s easy. You open the app and type in a place you’re looking for. A place you want to use to create a map. Or you can just tap the “I feel lucky” button for a random location.

You can choose a color combination that suits your style

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a bunch of different color options under the map interface. There are a ton of different combinations you can use. The area above showing the map/background image will change accordingly so you can see what you are getting.

Once you’ve chosen a color combination that suits your style, just tap save and the app will apply the wallpaper to your home screen. You can get some really interesting results with this app.

This app actually has very good reviews in the Google Play Store so far, which is not surprising. It currently has a rating of 4.7 stars after around 94 reviews as not many people know about it yet.

However, this app is not free

Note that Mappapers is not a free app either. It will cost you $0.99 to get it. If you like what the app offers, based on the screenshots provided below, that probably won’t be too high a price to pay.

If you wish to get this application, it is linked below.


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