The Modern Learning Global Success Academy announces its first-ever live event in August


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MLGSA (Modern Learning Global Success Academy) helps entrepreneurs across the country find peace and fulfillment in their ventures by applying proven marketing techniques and growth hacks that spark global change, create wealth and deliver real tangible results. The organization invites sales professionals and consultants to its first-ever live event – “California’s First – Business Vacation Experience!” scheduled for the first week of August.

The core property that forms the basis of everything MLGSA does is the 75-page MLGSA Marketing Manifesto. It contains thousands of years of secrets, principles and tools to market, be successful and be happy no matter the circumstances and no matter the business model. The essence of the teaching is based on 3 pillars of human wisdom, all translated for practical commercial use and mastery. More information can be found on their website here: Visit the Modern Learning Global Success Academy

The organization, which bills itself as the Rolls-Royce of modern communication and professional mastery training, was founded in Fall 2021 by Stephanie Massman of Los Angeles, USA, and Matthew Learning of Vancouver, Canada. The two entrepreneurs developed an online program to help entrepreneurs in the second half of the pandemic create breakthroughs that avoid the illusion of business and the influence of online social media marketing, so they can bring peace, not frustration, into their lives while building their confidence and customer base . They had a $50,000 start in the first 100 days to create capital and customer momentum, forge great energy and focus on the future. Today, in 2022, the MLGSA team has grown to 9 people and has officially launched a proprietary, ahead of the trend program called Your Mission IS Possible 2.0.

The organization’s latest effort to reach the global community of entrepreneurs struggling to get their businesses off the ground is its first-ever live event called “California’s First – Business Vacation Experience!” (BVE), which will take place in Los Angeles during the first week of August. The fun interactive event can only be attended by people with a private invitation. Attendees will be immersed in a full-day extravaganza featuring a mix of values ​​including a transformative business workshop, role-playing sales training, a lunch, dinner, after-party, and a memorable outdoor event. This series of events is expected to grow into a coast-to-coast phenomenon before the end of 2023 and they expect that 10,000 adoring fans will also have experienced a BVE by that date.

Speaking about the purpose of the event series, Stephanie Massman said: “We created the event to show people that we’ve worked hard and long enough and that the generations before ours have plagued and worked and built, and we are now have the infrastructure, internet, farming, technology and everything else to ensure all of their needs can be met. It is now time for us to enjoy and build long lasting spiritual health. The BVE and the entire MLGSA brand are focused on their promise: “We help people to feel like vacation every day”.

Matthew Learning explains the purpose behind the founding of the MLGSA movement by saying, “MLGSA believes in making people successful. If they don’t stop of their own accord, the MLGSA will never give up on them. We believe that money can be used as a force for good. Our team motto is “Versatility, Outstanding Value and Great Vibes”. We help people to love with life because when LIFE is recognized by life then everything becomes possible, especially happiness and prosperity. We also aim to Helping people to find their “true nature” and “experience the unknown” what all humans want, to find peace and be comfortable with being uncomfortable while exploring their true self, true self-expression, connection with peers and find true fulfillment in this world. We believe in results and that people should only pay for results, not to be sold. We harness the law of attraction to give our clients the freedom and change they crave in their business. In a world where there is dissatisfaction and stress, MLGSA is committed to helping this world heal and helping people vibrate at a frequency to attract what they truly desire and this then practically in real life situations, relationships, and businesses to really make every day feel like a vacation.”

Modern Learning Global Success Academy Business Vacation Experience

Readers can contact MLGSA at [email protected] or at (323) 916-1710 for details on the August event. Readers can learn more about the organization and the upcoming August event by visiting the website at


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