The new Google Maps widget shows live traffic information from your home screen


what you need to know

  • Your Android home screen gets a new widget.
  • Nearby Traffic Google Maps widget helps you check traffic jams right on the home screen.
  • It’s an interactive widget that allows you to tap to zoom in/out.
  • Users may get the feature with an app update in the coming weeks.

Google Maps is getting a new Android home screen widget in the coming weeks, the search giant has confirmed in a blog post. Like other helpful widgets that give you an overview of an app’s content, Google Maps’ new widget shows nearby traffic.

The upcoming widget is a conventional-looking square tile that shows real-time traffic at your current location. The widget allows you to track traffic at a glance instead of users opening the entire app. Google suggests it can come in handy when commuting to work, school, home or anywhere else.

Google Maps widget

(Image credit: Google)

Users can also interact with the tile and zoom in and out thanks to the toggle in the corner. Although the blog post hints at a square tile, it’s unclear if it’s resizable like other Android widgets.

Like the full Google Maps experience, the widget predicts real-time traffic updates using AI and further helps convince alternative routes. Google uses advanced machine learning techniques to anticipate traffic in real time, e.g. B. Analysis of historical databases with traffic patterns in connection with current traffic conditions.

It seems that Google is delivering on its promise to provide more updates to its Maps app, as announced at the I/O 2022 event. The search giant indicated that alongside the new immersive interior view, it would also bring new updates that would allow users to explore a restaurant or attraction before actually visiting it. Google also recently introduced toll price estimates, allowing users to predict costs and save money on their route.

Google’s blog post also highlights additional widgets already available on the best Android phones, such as B. the updated Gmail widget, Google Drive and more.


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