The new Pikmin Bloom update really wants you to get outside


Despite Niantic’s recent wave of layoffs, which saw the company lay off 8% of its workforce, it seems like things are moving at the studio that developed Pokémon GO.

Their latest Nintendo mobile game, Pikmin Bloom, came out in late 2021 and invited players to capture, raise and manage a horde of Pikmin in an AR environment on their mobile phones. Beginning July 11th, Pikmin Bloom will receive a host of new features as part of its latest update, including new weekly challenges, friend invites, and the promise of physical events (US only).

Below is the information from the Niantic website to update:

New weekly flower planting challenges

With today’s release, we’re adding a new type of weekly challenge where the goal focuses on the number of flowers planted, rather than the number of steps. Now users can choose between these two types of challenges on a weekly basis, or participate in both at the same time!

In addition, all users who participate in a challenge and complete it before 7/24 can earn special outfits for their Mii avatar as a reward: an “Explore” t-shirt if they join a level-based challenge, and a “flower”-themed t-shirt if they complete it before 7/24. Participate in and complete a flower planting challenge.

Invite your loved ones to participate in weekly challenges

Today we’re excited to release the invite feature for weekly challenges! With this update, you no longer have to wait for other players to join your challenge. Instead, Challenges now include an “Invite” option that allows users to invite specific friends to join their Challenges, making it easier to gather specific friend or family groups.

Physical events will soon be held in select locations across the US

Community is at the heart of Pikmin Bloom, and we can’t stress enough how important connection is to us. Connecting with friends and family of course, but also connecting with the real world, your immediate surroundings and your fellow users! We can’t wait to meet as many of our users as possible so we can hear directly from you about your Pikmin Bloom experience and walk together.

To achieve this, we are planning physical events that will soon take place in the USA. Stay tuned to our official channels for more information!

There’s even a hashtag to celebrate this new update: #WalkOnGameOn. Better than #TouchGrass, we suppose.

To access these new features, make sure your app is updated to the latest version (v48).


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