The party you don’t know about but should be at NFT NYC


Following Lucky Friday’s recent acquisition of a stake in Kusama Kingdom, the two teams are hosting an event at NFT NYC to celebrate the Kusama NFT scene. You can expect Alpha, cocktails, canapés, free bar, tattoos, swag and much more a healthy dose of mayhem!

They are endorsed and sponsored by Phalaworld, RMRK, NFT3, Public Pressure and Brave Browser.

Less well known in the NFT world, the Kusama ecosystem has some of the most dynamic projects and advanced technology in space powered by the RMRK standard. If you want to learn more about the ecosystem and speak to some of the people at the heart of the “chaos” then come along.

If you would like to participate please send a DM to @Kusama Kings on Twitter to get an Eventbrite access code below.

About the Kingdom of Kusama

Kusama Kingdom NFT consists of the @kusamakings and @kusamaqueens Each gives you access to a private Alpha discord which includes access to pre-sales and private rounds of new projects being launched in crypto.’ Both collections also have treasures that are invested for the benefit of the holders to generate a passive risk-free return.


About RMRK

RMRK is a set of NFT 2.0 standards uniquely capable of running a decentralized metaverse. RMRK’s NFT 2.0 Legos assemble into complex NFT projects without the need for custom coding or bespoke UIs, and are cross-collection compatible right out of the box.

Its key unique concepts such as a global item economy, true digital scarcity, soulbound 2.0 NFTs, and composable nested NFTs are described in the documents at


About PhalaWorld

PhalaWorld is a gamification extension to bring blockchain and dapps into the metaverse incubated by Phala Network. By creating a SoulBound NFT system, Phala World mapped on-chain/off-chain activity to Metaverse games (P2B (Play to Build) model).

PhalaWorld divides the in-game characters into 4 types and 5 careers according to the character’s contribution to the Phala community, and combines the Soulbond mode to split the tradable Shell NFT (8888) and Spirit NFT (Free) by introducing the game modes such as z as a strategy and role-playing game enrich the hands-on mode and the entertainment of the community.


About NFT3

As the first Unified Virtual Identity Network for Web3, Your NFT3 acts as a unified identity across all Web3 application layers and a path to enabling personal monetization.


About Brave browser

Brave is a free, open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. and is based on the Chromium web browser. Brave is a privacy-focused browser that automatically blocks online ads and website trackers by default


About public pressure

Public Pressure is a music ecosystem run by artists, labels and fans, designed to support the transition from music to Web3 and improve the economic and social transaction mechanisms between all participants. The project specializes in creating Web3 music products and formats, offering creation, marketing and distribution through the marketplace.

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