The procedural storytelling RPG Wildermyth kicks off next week



What happens when three farmers go on an adventure together? I have no idea, because in Wildermyth it’s a little different every time. The tactical combat RPG tells procedural stories and allows your characters to develop their own stories and relationships with each playthrough. Wildermyth is nearing the end of his own adventure, with a full launch slated for next week to end his time in Early Access. The developers have post-launch plans like so many do now, but people seem to be having a great time with them even during Early Access.

Wildermyth sits on my personal shame pile, I admit that. I thought it sounded pretty damn neat about its Early Access launch, but time always seems to go by. Fortunately, Sin played it a lot. How very much. As someone who also tends to talk about games that I think are cool, I’m just going to let them tell you why the characters are so nice.

“As you go, they’ll grow and change more as people than as classes or stacks of statistics,” she says. “You must explore a strategic map, fight and explore and suffer and celebrate and die for generations before you hit the final showdown with the evil you face this time. Travel and combat can trigger subplots for certain characters that are concise but tell excellent micro-stories to substantiate them and make you care a little too much about them. The fights are small but fierce and always threatening, losing every trick and the strategic level is just complex enough. ”

Everyone else seems to agree, as early access players have collectively given an “overwhelmingly positive” user rating on Steam.

I beg you to forgive my reach, but it seems to me what people like so much about Crusader Kings. Turn-based combat makes it a different beast, of course, but they share a common focus on characters who become a tapestry of the choices you’ve made, the deaths you’ve let in, and all of the story events that you deal with You were beaten the way.

As they near the final launch date, the developers at Wildermyth announced today that they brought a major update to the beta branch of the early access version of the game. They made a decision not to spoil a lot of the big changes in their 1.0 version, but if you happened to be playing you can check there.

As for their post-launch plans, Worldwalker Games says they are planning additional battle maps, an additional unlockable campaign, modding improvements, and plans a few other things.

Wildermyth kicks off next Tuesday, June 15th on Steam. The developers say they will be offering a discounted price in the launch week.



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