The relationships between celebrities and gaming


The various forms of digital interactive entertainment are worth more than the music and film industries combined, reaching billions of people and the industry is only growing. With such a reach, it’s only natural that celebrities from all sides of the aisle would also come on board. Some of these relationships are stranger than you might think, raising us questions about what might be next for this combination of fame and technology. So how do celebrities get involved in gaming and how does gaming help celebrities expand their fame?

As a player

Despite fame and fortune, celebrities are still people like us. That means many of them share the same hobbies, including gaming. Arguably the most famous of these names in film is Henry Cavill. A big man and a big gamer, it was Cavill’s love of The Witcher games and books that drove him to take the lead role in The Witcher series. He also shared a story where he almost missed the call telling him he won the role of Superman because he was too busy playing World of Warcraft.

Next on the list is Matthew Perry, a longtime gamer and fan of a huge variety of video games. From the platformer Klonoa to the RPG Skyrim, Perry’s passion for games has been unbroken for years and remains unbroken to this day. He even credits a marathon session of Fallout 3 with a hand injury, which is an impressive feat considering the slower nature of the title.

Outside of video games, some celebs have also noticed their passion for online casino titles. Sports stars like Mike Tyson and Christiano Ronaldo have long professed their love for online games like poker, although pinpointing exactly which versions of the games are their favorites can be difficult. with like this Many new online casinos are popping up all the time, it is possible that these prominent players like to search for different bonuses, tournaments and themes. After all, everyone else does too!

become part of the world

Because video game characters are entirely digital, they don’t have to be based on real human appearances. However, as graphics evolved, using a real person as the basis became more popular. This is obviously the case with sports titles, but it’s happening a lot more in other genres as well.

One of the greatest recent examples of this direction came in Keanu Reeve’s surprise inclusion as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077. As an AI anarchist intent on avenging his own murder and burning down the company responsible, Keanu’s work on that title was one of their best Features of the game. Sure, the title got off to a rocky start, but it’s seen many improvements since then. So if you’re an RPG and Keanu fan who’s letting cyberpunk fly by, it might be worth another look.

Noted geek culture enthusiast Rosario Dawson has long professed her love for Nintendo and Pokémon, but she’s also getting into the character side the equation as Lawan in Dying Light 2. This first person zombie parkour game makes Lawan one of your main guides midway. As a badass Slayer, this was one cool celeb inclusion that we know Dawson appreciated what she was up to.

building games

Not content with just playing and acting in games, some celebrities have taken it a step further and included themselves as a more fundamental part of the development process. The most common examples of this come from mobile games built by celebrities like Nicki Minaj: The Empire. In this game, players will build their fame and rap careers, with the title even featuring exclusive music to keep fans playing.

The most famous example of celebrities creating games has to be Vin Diesel. Diesel’s company, which founded Tigon Studio in 2002, is responsible for some fantastically well-received Chronicles of Riddick games in Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena. These games were not just symbolic efforts, They essentially set a standard for first-person brawling and world-building that few others have achieved.

into streaming

It’s not always celebrities who turn to video games, sometimes celebrities are born from video game focused streamers. Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one such example, as a Twitch and YouTube streamer who started playing League of Legends and Fortnite. Pokimane, which is now launching OfflineTV, a social entertainment company in the media empire, has become so popular that even non-gamers are becoming aware of its success and influence.

For an example of a resurgence in fame, fans are turning to Scottish comedian Brian “Limmy” Limond. Limmy has since retired from comedy and television and streams a variety of games on Twitch, where he remains a fan favorite. Known for his unconventional personality, many new fans have found Limmy this way, returning to YouTube to check out his world-famous skits and memes.

Whether they play games, lend their talents, invest in development, or come from the gaming landscape at all, the relationship between celebrities and gaming is on the rise. The future is one where gaming could be a natural part of celebrity lives, and if you’re a fan of interactive entertainment and celebs like we are, this could be a fun development to watch. Who knows, the next time you step onto the digital battlefield, you might be facing your favorite celebrity and not even knowing it.


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