The Strangest Pokemon Collaborations in Franchise History


As the largest media franchise of all time Pokémon partnerships are not unknown. It’s not hard to assume that Nintendo and The Pokemon Company probably want that Pokémon Brand to get as big as possible. As such, officially Pokémoninspired merchandise, events, and even games have popped up over the years, all with the purpose of expanding Pokémon‘s reach in pop culture.

Numerous brands are always happy to work with you Pokémon, and such collaborations are quite common; Oreo teased an upcoming partnership with the media titan just a few days ago. While some ventures have been home runs for both hardcore fans and the general audience, there are several notable team-ups with the Pokémon Brand that are downright strange and unexpected.

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Pokémon Conquest

The boxing art of Pokemon Conquest

Western audiences may not know this tactical turn-based spin-on Pokémon was also a crossover title. Known as Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition in Japan the game is exactly what it sounds like: a collaboration between the Pokémon Series and Koei’s turn-based strategy franchise, Nobunaga’s ambition.

not how Pokémon, Nobunaga’s ambition is a series that is rooted in reality. The games take place during the Japanese Sengoku period, during which there was mass unrest and divisions in the country as several belligerent factions fought for control of Japan. During this time, Oda Nobunaga set out to unite Japan by force, which is what the aim of the Games in general boils down to. Nobunaga is a notable figure in Japanese history and Nobunaga’s ambition is just one of several examples of the name and likeness of historical personality used in popular culture.

What does Pokémon Conquest so strange is not its mixture Pokémon World with gameplay inspired by Nobunaga’s ambitionbut how it interlocks Pokémon and real history. Oda Nobunaga appears in the game alongside other historical characters, and the protagonist’s goal of uniting the Ransei region amid the ongoing conflict in the country reflects Nobunaga’s ambitious desire to conquer Japan. Pokémon has played around with real elements, such as Pokémon Stadium established Mew’s country of origin as South Africa, but it’s strange to see an entry, even if it’s a spin-off, not only acknowledges real events but also acknowledges them.

Pokémon and Post Malone

p25 music post malone virtual concert pokemon

Seven months in Pokémon 25th anniversary seems to have a strong focus on music. But it’s not the charming tunes of Pallet Town, the iconic battle theme of Generation 1, or one of the series’ memorable tunes that are in the limelight. Instead, popular artists like Katy Perry and Post Malone used their musical talents to celebrate the hugely successful franchise.

A virtual concert will be celebrated earlier this year Pokémon It celebrated its 25th anniversary and Post Malone was the star. The rapper played two of his own songs, in addition to a cover of “Only Wanna Be With You” by Hootie & the Blowfish. There was a general atmosphere of entertaining absurdity throughout the event. For starters, fans didn’t really see Post Malone; They looked at a 3D rendering of him. The cut between the recordings of the 3D-modeled rapper was footage from different Pokémon They shook their heads to the beat and watched Post Malone sing to them.

The Pokémon-The Post Malone partnership was a resounding success with over six million views between the two party’s YouTube channels. However, the fact that this collaboration even exists is shocking given the safe, healthy nature of. compares Pokémon on Post Malone’s fairly mature public image. While the rapper didn’t drop profanity during the concert, many of his top hits are rather obscene. It’s also worth noting that the artist has his own brand of cigarettes as well as a high profile partnership with Bud Light.

While Post Malone may not exactly fit the family-friendly image Nintendo has cultivated since it got into gaming, it’s refreshing to see that perhaps the largest Nintendo company is ready to partner with such an artist. Hopefully this is a sign that the company will be open to more unique partnerships in the future.

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Pokemon and McDonald’s Happy Meals

This is not particularly remarkable for the partnership itself, but for the impact that surrounds it. The toys that come with McDonald’s Happy Meals vary depending on the trend and the trend Pokémon It’s 25th anniversary this year, it’s only right that McDonald’s want to join. Earlier this year Pokémon and McDonald’s uniquely announced that Pokémon Trading cards would be included with every Happy Meal. While this seemed like a nice, accessible way for people across the country to celebrate the series’ milestone at a relatively low cost, the following events proved otherwise.

Shortly after the PS5 and Xbox Series X launched, scalpers began targeting McDonald’s Happy Meals for the limited edition cards. Resellers bought Happy Meals in bulk and tried to get as many cards as possible just to sell them online at exorbitant prices. Pokémon Trading cards can make quite a lot of money in online marketplaces, with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the McDonald’s cards haven’t quite reached that value, they can still sell exponentially more than the cost of a happy meal.

To curb scalper, McDonald’s issued a statement suggesting that individual stores put policies in place that monitor how many happy meals you can buy. The rollout of this promotion in the United States was so disastrous that McDonald’s UK limited the number of Pokemon cards that could be sold per customer in advance of the promo’s debut in the UK.

Scalping is nothing new in the gaming world, but the practice came to a head last year when the new consoles hit the market. PS5s and Xboxes were being resold online at outrageous prices to people desperate to get their hands on the latest gaming hardware. Seeing the same people targeting Happy Meals – products for children – during this promotion was bizarre and highlights an all-too-common problem surrounding limited-time collectibles based on popular video game franchises.

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