These things happen in every single Shrek movie


The original Shrek was not only a heartfelt love story, a scathing fantasy satire and a coming-of-age saga, but also an action buddy cop film about two unlikely partners on opposite sides of the personality spectrum. Shrek was the gruff, anti-social doer, while his sidekick Donkey was the sociable, people-loving person with a sunny disposition.

Shrek and Donkey’s relationship consistently covers certain beats in each of the films. At first, Shrek is impatient with Donkey because of his inquisitive, talkative nature. Meanwhile, Donkey ignores Shrek’s irritation, realizing that beneath the formidable ogre’s rugged exterior beats a heart of gold. Eventually, the differences between the two characters become too great and they get into a heated argument.

But just when it seems their friendship is on the verge of breaking up, Shrek and Donkey are reminded of how important they are to one another. The duo reconcile and work together to put an end to the troubles they and their loved ones are facing. From their days of bickering over who gets to live in the swamp to raising their children together, the snarky best friends have forged one of the best friendships in cinema history.


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