This is what you can expect from all 8 cleaners in Back 4 Blood



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Back 4 blood brings outstanding level mechanics in combination with RPG elements to the table, and every character or in this regard a cleaner has its bonuses and starting equipment.

However, players will only start with half of the game’s eight characters unlocked and the other half won’t take much time to unlock as it only requires a small advance in the Back 4 Blood campaign mode.

Back 4 Blood is up to date available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5, as well as Xbox Game Pass. The four characters that are off-beat at the beginning are Evagelo, Walker, Holly, and Mom. They’re a good bunch to start with, and each of them has their own unique perks.


Mom can give the whole team an extra life and instantly revive a teammate once per level, on the other hand Holly can restore 10 stamina by killing a zombie and give the whole team 25 more stamina.

The four new Cleaners players to unlock are Doc, Hoffman, Jim, and Karlee, all of whom are viable at some point during the game.

Previous 4 Blood character details


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Passive: Evangelo can quickly break out of the handles every 60 seconds. He also has a 25% bonus to stamina regeneration.

Team effects: 5% bonus to movement speed

Starting equipment: machete

Walking aid

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Passive: Precision kills give Walker a 20% accuracy bonus for five seconds. Walker deals an additional 10% damage to all enemies.

Team effects: 10 additional health for all team members

Starting gear: Glock 23


Passive: Holly gains 10 stamina for every zombie she kills and has a 10% damage resistance bonus.

Team Effects: Holly gives each team member 25 additional stamina

Starting equipment: Bat


Passive: Mama has an additional slot for support items and can immediately revive a teammate once per level.

Team effects: If a group member plays as mom, the entire team gets an extra life

Starting equipment: The Belgian (sawed-off shotgun)


Passive: Doc can heal each team member for 25 health once per level and restore 20% more health with healing items.

Team Effects: Reduces maximum health loss from trauma by 25%

Starting gear: Beretta M9


Passive: Hoffman has an extra offensive inventory slot and has the chance to spawn ammunition every time he kills a zombie.

Team effects: All members of a team can carry 10% more ammunition

Starting gear: M1911


Passive: Jim can target 25% faster by default and receives a stackable 2.5% bonus to damage with each precision kill that lasts until he is damaged.

Team effects: With Jim on the team, players cause 10% additional damage to weak points

Starting gear: 357 Magnum


Passive: Karlee has an additional quick inventory slot and highlights any nearby dangers or special infections.

Team Effects: Karlee gives her teammates a 50% speed bonus when using an item

Starting gear: Tec 9


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