Tips for leveling up fast in Techland RPG

A screenshot from Dying Light 2 showing protagonist Aiden Caldwell preparing to fire an arrow at an unsuspecting bandit in a derelict warehouse.

dying light 2, Techland’s latest open-world zombie RPG has been officially released on most major platforms. You’re probably playing it right now. But maybe you’ll get your ass handed out in the early levels like I did when I started the game on normal instead of easy. No problem. There are several ways to gain experience points without just focusing on the main story. In fact, you might want to stray a little off the beaten track. The extra levels you can get from this will make a big difference later on.

As in the original 2015 dying light, gain experience points by jumping around and kicking ass. Running, jumping, climbing, fighting anything, anywhere are the keys to leveling Aiden Caldwell and Unlock skills in his combat and parkour skill trees. So while you only level up by playing at a certain pace, you can maximize your progression rate by tweaking your approach a bit. Here are some suggestions on how to level up faster dying light 2.

Climb everything in sight

Once you’ve unleashed yourself in the open world, you can get some basic parkour experiences just by climbing everything around you: the pole attached to the side of a run-down house. This precarious wire construction connecting two cinder towers. Whatever you can get your hands on is a quick way to level up, as pretty much every activity – from the shortest coat to the furthest jump – gives you experience points.

Find side quests

Side quests open up after you’ve completed the first two main missions, and they’re a great way to rack up extra levels on the side. Some even reward you with thousands of combat or parkour points, meaning you can easily get an upgrade point or two with just two or three side missions.

While some side quests lead to experience in both skill trees, most tend to prioritize one skill over the other. So if you have a specific skill in mind but find it difficult to gain experience points in combat or parkour, just start a side quest. You’ll get an upgrade point in no time.

As a side note, even if you don’t plan on taking them out right away, grab side quests whenever you see them, as you might solve them over the course of normal play, meaning effortless XP for you.

It can get scary, but walk at night

It gets spongy at night. Zombies flood the streets and act aggressive as hell. Then there are the fast bolters, the towering Destroyers, and the screeching Howlers that warn other nearby zombies to start a chase. I recommend the Chase, especially because you’ll gain even more experience if you make it safely to a UV-lit shelter. But if that’s too nerve-wracking (and it can be!), then just stay on the rooftops and start running. You’ll find that doing the same parkour actions as during the day gives you an extra dose of experience points. As in the first game, running at night doubles the amount of experience you gain, making the darkness perfect for leveling.

A screenshot from Dying Light 2 showing protagonist Aiden Caldwell jumping onto a vent with fellow freerunner Hakon.

Beat these challenges

As you explore the city of Villedor, you will encounter limited time challenges. For example, you deliver sandwiches to people across the city in three minutes or less. I know nobody really needs A turkey leg crashed in record-breaking time during a zombie apocalypse, but as silly as these challenges sound, they’re easy to complete and reward you with a wealth of experience points. And they are easy to spot! Whether you’re browsing the in-game map or exploring the horizon with your binoculars, just look for icons shaped like the fist (combat) or foot (parkour). the skills menuand set your waypoint.

Don’t fight in daylight

There’s really only one way to gain combat experience points: fighting. Any argument is a good argument, as everything leads to more experience, but you’ll get more XP for your efforts if your ass-kicking happens after dark. Again, the darkness almost doubles the amount of experience points you gain. So if you get into a fight at night, especially near a shelter where the UV lights can protect you, that’s a no-brainer right there. Get weapons and just let the stupid zombies come to you.

Activate windmills early

Windmills scattered throughout the city act as your safe havens, a place to store your items and buy stuff from NPCs. They also serve as a very convenient base for completing nearby side quests and challenges and generating more XP. You just have to activate the windmill first, which has a stamina requirement. Use your binoculars to explore a windmill before approaching it. If the icon is red, you need to build up your stamina more before trying. If it’s white, run it and add it to your growing anti-zombie business.

The beginning of dying light 2 can be a challenge. Despite being a freerunning master or whatever, Aiden starts out squishy. It is possible that you die. I’ve found that leveling up quickly is the key to success in the early stages. Because once you’ve unlocked some skills and collected better gear, things become a cinch.


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