Top 10 best programming apps for learning SQL, Python and more on the go


Learning to code can be a big, life-changing decision. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it all unfolds as you understand basic concepts and put in the effort. The tool you always have by your side – your phone – can go a long way in helping you learn to code, and I’ve compiled a list of the best coding apps to get you started.

If you don’t have access or aren’t comfortable using your desktop, these apps are an effective way to expand your knowledge. I’ve used a few of them to freshen up while waiting for the bus to arrive or while travelling. Most of the apps listed here are free to access, but you can pay to unlock additional content, quizzes, mentoring, and so on.


SoloLearn is a one stop shop whether you just want to learn code or brush up on your skills. The app offers courses on a variety of languages, including R, Python, SQL, C++, and Java. You can acquire many more skills and tools that can help you become a data scientist, web developer, or even a full-stack developer. The app is infused with an active community, and you can also compete with other members in code challenges.

If you want to delve into SQL, Python, or web development, Mimo is also a good choice. The well-designed app explains key concepts with easy-to-understand coursework and examples. There is a built-in glossary and you can practice your code and run it in the app. If you are looking for certificates, Mimo also offers this after completing a course.

DataCamp is a great resource for learning the basics of Python, R, SQL, and concepts like data science, visualization, and machine learning. Hands-on labs immediately follow the structurally grounded courses, ensuring you’re ready for the coding challenges and projects the platform offers. The first chapter of each course is available for free, so you can dip your toes before paying for full access.

Google has come to the rescue of those on their way to learning JavaScript with their programming app, Grasshopper. Unlike most of the apps on this list, it’s completely free to use and even awards you with certificates as you progress through the course. The app focuses on visual puzzles to explain concepts and provides real-time feedback. If you need help making consistent efforts, you can also set daily reminders.

5) Programming Center

Probably the most content-rich app on the list, Programming Hub offers courses on everything from programming languages ​​to app development and software engineering. There are some free courses, but you can pay a lifetime access fee of around $30 to unlock more than 100 courses and certifications. What I like most about this app is that each course description clearly defines what you will learn and whether the course fits your goals. It even includes an estimated salary you could earn with the skills you have acquired.

If a good user interface appeals to you, Enki is one of the better designed apps that can help you learn languages ​​like Python and SQL from scratch. The content is easy to understand and well explained with clear examples. If you start your coding journey with a friend or a group, you can even create a team to keep up with their progress, helping you stay motivated. Those with some experience can dive straight into solving challenges.

Encode is a simple, no-frills app that offers bite-sized coding lessons — think of it as TikTok instead of YouTube videos. The interface is intuitive, and the app offers free Python, JavaScript, and web development lessons. If you don’t want to waste your time with network issues, you can even download the lessons offline. There are also exercises, but you have to pay for them.

This app needs no introduction as the name is self-explanatory. If you are explicitly aiming for web development skills, you should check out this app. It offers tutorials and courses on everything relevant, from HTML/CSS to building your website from scratch. Free content is offered, but you have to pay for full content, certificates, priority support, and cross-platform clients.

Let’s face it, kids today are growing up with access to powerful technology, and if they’re spending hours watching videos, you might as well let them try ScratchJr. Based on MIT’s Scratch programming language, designed for children (6-16), the app allows kids to create their own interactive stories and games. It encourages computational thinking and problem-solving skills with an interface tailored to a young child’s cognitive, personal, social and emotional development.

Tailored for kids between grades 6 and 12, CuriousJr teaches design, structure, algorithm and basic programming concepts. The coursework is visual and engaging, allowing students to create apps and games right on their phones. It’s completely free to use and makes coding boring – a great way to start your coding journey.

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