Top 20 RPG Summer Cities


As summer draws to a close, I’m already lamenting the loss of beautiful beach vacations and warm weather. Besides, who doesn’t love the excuse of staying indoors and playing a long RPG when it’s too hot?

To soften the blow a bit, we decided to meet up and talk a little about our top 20 RPG Summer Cities and Locations in RPGs. Although we don’t visit all of these places in “summer”, they all give us this vibe and we love them. And may we suggest that you listen to our latest Tropical Tunes episode of Rhythm Encounter while you browse the list?

What are some of your favorite summer spots in RPGs? Are there some we missed? Be sure to let us know TwitterFacebook, Instagram, Discord or whatever you prefer to interact with us!

by Stephanie Sybydlo

Undernauts: The Maze of Yomi PS5 Ad
Screenshot of Paradise Killer - a pool area with white walls and a skull theme with the pool on the right and a covered patio with greenery on the left.

In this stunning vaporwave utopia, statues line the shoreline, pyramids rise from the ocean, warm days are spent on sandy beaches, and an aurora lights up those hot summer nights… if you’re lucky enough to enjoy it (“Citizens! Back to work!”) All is not well in this “perfect” paradise created by the immortal syndicate to worship alien gods. In fact, the head of the syndicate was gruesomely murdered! Was the perpetrator a frustrated citizen tired of long hours of agonizing work? Was it an inside job from one of them? After all, there’s trouble in paradise… and it’s happened 24 times!

Maybe we’ll see each other in Perfect 25.

Castaway Village – Ys VIII: Lacrimosa by Dana

by Mario García

A screenshot of Adol looking over a tropical setting in Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana

I love a city that grows as the adventure progresses, and this city also has characters that grow as the adventure progresses! The castaways not only deliver compelling stories of survival and cooperation, but also open up new services that keep the game system fresh and exciting as the main campaign continues. Many castaways even get their own story arcs, like the shy doctor Licht who gains confidence in his medical skills or the aristocratic Austin who learns some humility. The special moments occur when the shipwrecked band together to defend the city from raids, build a trading economy and build a ship to escape Seiren Island. Helping build Castaway Village from the ground up and watching it grow is a highlight of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Citadel – Mass Effect 3

by Audra Bowling

A long shot of Mass Effect 3's Citadel, a futuristic park-like setting of water and trees in a metal residential area

While I might be stretching the definition of a “summer town,” I honestly couldn’t get the citadel as experienced in the DLC expansion for the same name Mass Effect 3, out of my head for this topic. The areas of the Citadel that you can traverse and interact with remind Shepard of a well-deserved vacation. Thanks to the Reapers, the entire galaxy is going to hell, and you’re getting a final reprieve. There are friends to meet, parties to throw, arcades to gamble on, sportsbook to bet on, and even mock battlegrounds. Plus noodles that are hot even for a krogan! It’s just a shame Shepard can’t get sushi there after a certain explosive incident. The Citadel DLC is a highlight of ME3 both as a love letter to the fans and as a fun holiday that I would love to be a part of again!

Costa del Sol – Final Fantasy VII (and FFXIV)

by Audra Bowling

A screenshot of Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

When thinking of summertime RPG locations, the first thing that always springs to mind is the Costa del Sol: a beach resort that features prominently in several RPG games Final Fantasy VII Compilation. They even fight there with a parasol core of crisis! Originally a Shinra resort, Costa del Sol doesn’t have much to offer in the original Final Fantasy VII beyond various tourist spots, although you can later acquire the Shinra President’s very own and very expensive condo to show off! The music fits perfectly with the beach vibe that permeates the city and I love the overall chilled vibe of the Costa del Sol area. Apparently Square Enix is ​​having fun too, as a new take on the Beachside community is coming along Final Fantasy XIVthat offers the denizens of Eorzea the perfect getaway from adventure.

Downtown Ryukyu – Yakuza 3

by Gio Castillo

A screenshot of downtown Ryukyu in Yakuza 3

Downtown Ryukyu is my dream destination, and I’ll say I’ve only traveled there in a video game. This Yakuza 3 Locale is modeled after a small part of Makishi in Naha, Okinawa. Leaving Kiryu’s usual haunts, I find it refreshing to wander the less crowded streets and alleys. The Quartierspassage, for example, is bustling, but hardly seems claustrophobic. I love how people can commute on the monorail every day. I love how the afternoon gives the place a nostalgic shade of orange. You can experience some of your most memorable fun here, like watching a scooter-riding granny spin 360 degrees over a car! You’ll also meet some of the best and nicest characters in the series, like Rikiya.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has worked its magic to infuse Downtown Ryukyu with a laid-back vibe that truly captures the spirit of summer. If you’re curious about the real location, sneaking around Makishi on Google Maps isn’t a bad way to while away a few minutes.

by Niki Fachoori

Artwork of the world of Pokemon Black and White

Unlike other regions in the Pokemon World that can offer snowy routes not far from sweltering settlements, all of Unova is at the mercy of the seasons. But no matter the time of year, Undella Town always screams summer. It’s nearly deserted in spring, fall, and winter, with a muted music track barely audible against the gentle murmur of the waves. In the summer, the city comes alive with visitors and a tropical background music.

The summer mood lives all year round in the nearby bay. You can dive into the water to explore the ancient ruins on the seabed. But other Trainers are drawn to mystery, too, and any brave soul who doesn’t fear an abrupt end to their summer vacation can snoop around the mansions of Undella Town to see who’s visiting—just be prepared to go to the Pokémon Center to be sent back .

by Abraham Kobylanski

A screenshot of Summers Beach in EarthBound

Need to get away while trying to save the world from monstrous aliens? Visit Summers, the world famous resort town! Hang out on the beach and get a tan, but bring a damp towel in case you get sunstroke. Go to a crazy club, have a bite of magic cake and dream deeply.

Summers promises to be a lighter respite from the stinky swamps and dingy zombie wastelands you must trudge through. Though the sun shines brighter there, Summers has its downsides. Unfortunately, similar to many popular vacation destinations, the high-priced souvenir shops, pricey restaurants, attacks from overzealous police officers, and crazy taxi cabs are understandable.

Luckily, Ness and his friends can teleport away when they need to get away from their summer vacation. While more rural, the Saturn Valley is not known as a tourist destination. At least they have a hot spring.

Arni – Chrono cross

by Nick Mangiaracina

A screenshot of Leena talking to Serge in Arni in Chrono Cross

One of the first and last places you will visit chrono cross, Arni is a small but absolutely buzzing beach village. This small community not only offers grass huts, people in bathing suits and a central market, but also many important features chrono cross‘s overall narrative. For starters, the Chief’s Hut is where you’ll find the Acts of Destiny – a device used to control the actions of the people of El Nido. Your first few party members are encountered in Arni along with a few key characters whose fates vary between timelines. One of my favorite moments in chrono cross convinced the dejected poet in Another World that there is an “other” world in which to write poetry successfully. Arni is a beautiful little tropical spot that feels alive and thriving; I can’t imagine a more peaceful or summery town in the El Nido archipelago.

by Nick Mangiaracina

A screenshot of the Dragon Quest XI hero exploring Puerto Valor

Puerto Valor is the ideal beach destination in the world of Erdrea. In fact, the best bar and restaurant is right on the beach! Enjoy a good meal, then sit back to watch the children play with penniless tramps by the sea. However, Puerto Valor is much more than just a beautiful coastline with crystal clear waters. You won’t want for anything as every cobblestone path leads to a shop or attraction. Why not visit the mansion of the city guide, Don Rodrigo, and see the breathtaking swordsmanship of his brave caballeros? If that’s not for you, Puerto Valor also offers the largest casino in the world. And when you’re ready to sleep after all that fun in the sun, there they are two nice hotels to choose from.

Puerto Valor is truly the most beautiful tourist destination in the country. Erdrea may be full of spooky monsters, but the citizens of Puerto Valor have the utmost faith in their leader to protect their precious city. The world may be in turmoil, but you certainly won’t be in Puerto Valor.

Castaway Cove – Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

by Wes Iliff

A screenshot outside of Castaway Cove in Ni no Kuni

in the Ni no Kuni‘s Seaside Paradise of the South, relaxation is not an advantage; it is a requirement. In order to gain entry, you must obtain citizenship. The only requirement? Wear a bathing suit. While this might seem like a silly concept, the reason for this rule is to prevent violent crime. Have you ever tried to smuggle a gun in a bathing suit?

Once inside, a guaranteed good time awaits. Fresh coffee, frozen treats and a selection of fresh fish are among the delicacies available. Cottages by the sea offer a wonderful vacation spot. But the most obvious reason to go to a seaside town is for swimming! With water within easy reach from anywhere in town, there are always places to swim nearby. Honestly, why fight evil witches when paradise is waiting for you?


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