Top 5 Apps to Track Your Android Phone for Free



Are you afraid of losing your phone or are you just worried about your child’s safety? There are many tools for Android that you can use to find the location of your Android device. Many of them even let you take pictures, view application activity, and monitor battery levels. Here are the top 5 apps to keep track of your Android phone for free.

  • Find My Device by Google

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It’s a built-in solution to find your lost Android. You can find your lost phone or that of your family or friends. All you need is an active internet connection and the lost device should be turned on. One has to sign in to their Google account and easily get the location of their device.

Usually the application is pre-installed on your Android smartphone. Just go to to find the most precise location of your smartphone. You can also ring the device or secure it remotely. If the application is not available on your device, download it from the link below.

Download here

Where's my droid

It’s a complete anti-theft solution for your Android device. All you have to do is install the application and set it up on the target device. Where’s My Droid helps you lock your device and get GPS coordinates with SMS commands.

As soon as you get close to the lost device, let it ring to find its exact location. There is also a Pro version of the application available which, in addition to the free features like location tracking, ringing, locking and deleting data, can also take pictures, access location history and share your device stats.

Download here

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  • Family finder from Life360

Family Search by Life360

Family Locator works as the name suggests. It is a family oriented GPS tracking application that allows you to create a private group by adding your family members or friends. The users can chat with each other by knowing their exact location.

In addition, the people in each circle can use the arrival and departure alarm functions to know each other’s location. The app also warns in emergencies such as crashes or lockouts. Family Locator is available on all smartphone platforms.

Download here

  • Location sharing in Google Maps

Location sharing in Google Maps

It is the service offered by Google Maps that allows you to track your phone. All you have to do is share your live location with friends or family in a few taps on your smartphone. Go to the location sharing option and select Contacts. After that, the live location will be shared until deactivated.

If you forget to turn off location sharing, Google will send reminder emails to confirm. In the options you can also see the battery percentage along with the location. Maps also has a feature called Timeline that is useful when location is disabled for device sharing. It helps you keep track of the device’s last shared location.

Download here

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  • Femisafe location tracking

Femisafe location tracking

It’s also a parental control app that doubles as a smartphone tracker. It detects locations with great accuracy. Other features like activity reporting, blocking apps and detecting suspicious calls or messages are also included in the application.

You can access the usage of the device application and even block websites in the paid version of the application. It is especially useful for guardians to keep an eye on their children or track their movements.

Download here

This is the list of top 5 apps to track your Android phone for free. For most purposes, Google’s Find My Device is more than enough for ordinary users. The other apps can still be used to go the extra mile if you want additional functionality. All of the applications in the list are free, with some offering premium subscription-based services.

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