Top Photography Apps for Android in 2021



Smartphone photography has taken a giant leap in the past decade.

With modern smartphones that offer multiple camera modules to take different types of photos, the quality of the images that can be taken with the cameras depends heavily on the skill of the photographer.

In addition to the skills of the photographer, post-processing plays an important role in the quality and attractiveness of a photo.

If you thought post-production was an amateur photographer’s choice then you are very mistaken. Post-production is often key to that one-time shot that you see from professional photographers.

Are you planning to explore and develop your photography skills with your smartphone camera?

There are plenty of photo applications for Android that allow you to click on stunning shots with your mobile camera. Today we are here with a list of the top photo apps for Android in 2021.

Top photo apps for Android in 2021

1. BackThen:

Pregnancy and the baby’s first few years are truly magical moments for parents. As a parent, you would definitely take kids photos from your Android phone to remember their baby years in the future.

However, simply storing your baby pictures in the gallery will definitely make it difficult to keep track of the pictures in the long run.

BackThen is an Android application specially designed as a private gallery for parents to track their babies’ growth from a baby bump in their first few years.

With BackThen you can record photos and videos of your child as well as share the content with your family and friends. In addition, you can create collages, mark your baby’s progress on day / week / month / year and much more.

2nd snapshot:

If you are looking for a free and professional photo editor for Android, Snapseed is definitely your first choice.

Snapseed is an Android application developed by Google and it has a wide variety of features for you to explore and use when needed.

Features like RAW format support, double exposure, precise controls and a selective filter brush make Snapseed one of the best photo apps for Android.

All the basic editing functions like crop, blur, heal, rotate, etc. are also present in this application.

3. Clearance space:

Adobe Lightroom is photo editing software that does not require any prior introduction from professional photographers and image editors.

For the uninitiated, Lightroom is best known for giving the editor finer control over the image and its attributes. Well, you won’t find the simple editing features like filters or emojis here, but if you’re someone who knows their stuff and wants to have the best photo editing experience on Android, then Lightroom is your best bet.

4. Open the camera:

A good photo isn’t just about post-processing. You should be able to understand and use your camera’s controls easily to ensure that you have the ideal settings when you click a photo.

While the standard camera viewfinder application pre-installed on your phone is the best way to experience all of the features it supports, going through all of the features is often a chore, especially for someone new to the world of smartphone photography.

For such people, the Open Camera Android app is a great choice.

Well, Open Camera doesn’t do anything revolutionary. The application offers you a simple and easy-to-learn interface to all camera functions. In addition, since the application is free and open source, it is recommended for anyone looking for a camera app alternative for Android.

5. VSCO:

Most people don’t need finer control over the image while editing, nor do they prefer to spend hours perfecting their photo editing. For such people, the VSCO app for Android is the best option out there.

There are several preset templates and even more filters to add to your photos, so you can turn a normal-looking photo into an eye-catcher in minutes.

Even the professionals don’t have to stay away, because VSCO offers several editing options to play around with the image.

You can use VSCO as both a photo and video editor tool. And to top it off, there is even a dedicated platform within the application where you can share your shots and admire those shared by others.

last words

We tried to put some of the best and most useful photo apps of 2021 in this article.

Missed one of your favorite apps on the list above? Feel free to mention them in the comments below to help others with more options.



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