Tower of Fantasy codes and how to redeem them [August 2022]


Tower of Fantasy is another fantasy action RPG with its own set of free codes that offer powerful items and cosmetics.

Published by Level Infinite – a subsidiary of Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games – it’s available for PC and mobile and shares some similarities with another imaginative gacha game you might already be familiar with.

Take a look at the Tower of Fantasy creative gameplay trailer to see what the adventure entails!

Following the tradition of gacha games before it, Tower of Fantasy is privy to its own codes which players can redeem for various gifts and treats that will help them craft the strongest characters.

We noted below all active codes in Tower of Fantasy right now, as well as expired, and how to redeem your freebies!

Active Codes for Tower of Fantasy

Last checked: August 11th

Here are all currently active codes for Tower of Fantasy:

At the moment, The three previously active codes for Tower of Fantasy have reached their redemption limit. We’ve listed them below for you to try your luck and we’ll update this page as more codes are shared.

How do I redeem codes in Tower of Fantasy?

The important things first, You must have completed the Tower of Fantasy tutorial. Once this is done, it becomes a Gift-shaped icon in the upper-right corner your screen. If you’re on PC, hold down the left Alt key to use your cursor.

This is what the code redemption page should look like.

Select the gift and then Select “Rewards” in the bottom left your screen. Then select “Exchange” from the menu on the right. Now you can enter your chosen code and click confirm! Go ahead and repeat these steps until you have redeemed all your codes. As simple as that.

Expired codes for Tower of Fantasy

Here are all expired codes for Tower of Fantasy. Definitely try your luck with them, but these codes probably won’t work anymore!

That’s it for Tower of Fantasy codes!


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