Town of Harmony teenagers charged with sexually assaulting underage girls for second time


April 6 – JANESVILLE – A Harmony Town teenager was charged with sexually abusing an underage girl six months after he was charged in Rock County Court with groping another underage girl last summer.

Rock County attorneys accused Cody V. Clark, 19, of sexually abusing a girl he met on Snapchat and of pushing her to have sex on March 10th.

After the alleged assault, the girl later told authorities that Clark had told her not to tell anyone because there were charges of sexual contact with a minor pending, according to a criminal complaint dated Jan.

Shortly afterwards, the girl’s mother showed up with the police at the place where Clark and the girl were, the ad said.

Court records show that Clark had a signature guarantee in connection with a case filed against him on September 9, and a condition of that bail was not to commit crimes.

In this case, Janesville Police Department reported that Clark sexually abused and groped a girl on June 11th.

In both cases, according to Clark’s complaints, the girls refused any sexual advances.

Additionally, children under the age of majority – 18 in Wisconsin – may not consent to intercourse.

In each case, Clark was charged with sexually assaulting a child under the age of 16. In the second case, he was also charged with bail jumping.

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