transcosmos and NTT Com start a demonstration test of customer services in a virtual room in the Metaverse


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Building on the test results, transcosmos aims to create, provide, enhance and support virtual communication services and an environment in which metaverse-based customer services for e-commerce are completed in a virtual space.

transcosmos inc. and NTT Communications Corporation today announced that in August they launched a virtual communications service demonstration test in the Metaverse to enable businesses to serve customers online through convenient virtual communications. The test, which is part of the two companies’ ongoing efforts to develop new methods of communication across the metaverse, will demonstrate virtual customer services that use full-body tracking avatars*1 for customer communication that approximate real-world in-store experiences.

1 Introduction

Lifestyle changes caused by the COVID-19 crisis have led to a diversification of customer service communication channels. As a result, companies are taking initiatives to improve the services they provide online or through contact centers.

With the shift of various services to the Internet, mobile websites and chat services in general have improved customer convenience, but some customers still prefer to receive services similar to those traditionally experienced in physical stores. In response, transcosmos is developing virtual communication services for improved online customer services.

To offer online services that resemble real-world experiences, customers need to be able to see and feel non-verbal communication such as gestures and facial expressions. To achieve this, and to verify appropriate distances between customers and store staff for enhanced virtual experiences, the test uses full-body tracking avatars in the Metaverse.

2. Scope of Verification

The test aims to verify that a virtual memory in the metaverse can meet two basic conditions. The first condition is to offer customer services similar to those in real stores while using the virtual world to maximize the value of the customer experience. The second condition is to offer virtual customer services that act as shopping channels.

Verification Objectives:

  • Evaluate and review the design and features of a virtual memory in the metaverse that simulates a physical memory.
  • Check customer satisfaction levels with virtual customer services that contain full-body tracking avatars capable of expressing non-verbal communication.
  • Assess and review the ability of customer service representatives to use digital technologies such as text data/video clip sharing and AI-powered speech recognition.

3. Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provision and management of Transpeech*2, the company’s speech recognition and emotion analysis solution.
  • Management of virtual communication services, including customer service agents in the metaverse.
  • Preparations for the commercialization of virtual communication services based on the analysis of test operation data.

NTT Com:

  • Installation and management of telephones and communication devices (OCN, etc.)
  • Provision of Company’s NTT XR Coworking Metaverse Service (Metaverse Space & Avatars)*3


Kenshi Matsubara, Representative Director, Executive Vice President, transcosmos inc.:

“As part of our corporate vision – Global Digital Transformation Partner – transcosmos supports companies in advancing their digital transformation (DX) initiatives. Our goal is to provide optimal customer service experiences through pleasant virtual online communication. Communication expertise based on proven experience to make online business-to-customer communication as real as possible.”

Satoko Takahashi, Senior Vice President, Communication & Application Services, Platform Service Division, NTT Communications Corporation:

“NTT Communications works to create a smart world by helping clients achieve digital transformation (DX) for new business creation and greater competitiveness. In this test, NTT Com and transcosmos aim to create customer experiences that go beyond the real world in just some ways with virtual communication. To achieve this goal, we combine our respective strengths: the old strengths of NTT Com in telecommunications as well as new, state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and XR and the proven expertise of transcosmos in online communication services.”

5. Future Outlook

Building on the test results, transcosmos aims to create, provide, enhance and support virtual communication services and an environment in which metaverse-based customer services for e-commerce are completed in a virtual space. The company is also considering using such services for trade shows and business events. In addition, transcosmos has launched its own demonstration test of services based on the Metaverse to improve communication between companies and their employees.*4 Ultimately, transcosmos and NTT Com hope to contribute to a more sustainable world by using the Metaverse to to enrich the value of communication.

*1 Whole body tracking technology that replicates movements of the entire human body in virtual objects such as avatars.

*2 Transpeech (no translation available):

*3 NTT XR Coworking (no translation available):

*4 Press release on the virtual contact center:

About transcosmos inc.

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