Twitter is giving their DMs a more modern look on the Android app


Twitter has started rolling out some changes for its Android app that will offer a more visually pleasing interface for people sliding into DMs. The social network’s Android app has remained largely the same over the years, but this update, while fairly small, should offer users “a smoother, more consistent experience overall.” Twitter says it has set to work redesigning its DMs on Android after its teams evaluated experiences with the operating system and determined it needed improvement.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the message view in the app now looks cleaner, with more rounded speech bubbles and a text box at the bottom. The inbox itself also looks a lot cleaner and is free of line breaks. The same applies to the message requests view, which now also shows an “x” button for each request, making it easier to delete.


Twitter didn’t just give DMs a shiny new coat of paint on Android, though. The company said it also worked on its back end, rebuilding it with the right architecture to improve its responsiveness and scrolling performance. Twitter said it also redesigned the app’s news composer and tweet-sharing features.

The company has been slow to bring new features to the Android app in the past — search, for example, was available on iOS and the web for almost a couple of years before coming to the mobile platform. Earlier this year, Twitter expanded the search feature to make it easier to find the exact conversations users are looking for. This feature is available for both iOS and Android users.




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