Twitter no longer automatically uploads new tweets on the web – TechCrunch



Twitter is Update of its web platform to change the way users see new Tweets. The social media giant will no longer automatically update timelines on the web with new tweets and users can now decide for themselves when they want to load new tweets. Twitter acknowledged that in the past, tweets often disappeared from view while reading when a user’s timeline was automatically updated. Now users can load new tweets when they want by clicking the tweet counter bar at the top of their timeline.

In September, the company announced that it would roll out updates to how tweets are displayed so they don’t go away while users are still reading them. It’s worth noting that Twitter’s iOS and Android apps also don’t automatically update users’ timelines when they open the app. Instead, users can click the highlighted home button in the navigation bar to load new tweets.

Twitter also recently announced that it will no longer auto-crop image previews on the web after introducing full-size previews on mobile devices earlier this year. Twitter for the web now displays images with no cropping at all. Instead of playing on how an image appears on the timeline, the images will look exactly as you captured them.

These tweaks are due to the fact that Twitter has been working to improve its platform and make its services more accessible. The social media giant recently introduced the ability for users to share direct links to their Spaces so that others can watch a live audio session over the web without being logged into the platform. Following its initial rollout in Canada and Australia earlier this year, the company also rolled out its premium subscription service Twitter Blue in the US and New Zealand on Monday.



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