US ski racers heated up for World Cup speed events in Beaver Creek, Lake Louise



The US ski and snowboard team published the following press release on Wednesday about the upcoming World Cup races in Beaver Creek and Lake Louise, Canada:

White Circus rolls in this weekend, finishing in the FIS Ski World Cup Tour’s favorite and classic, the Xfinity Birds of Prey in Beaver Creek, Colorado for the men’s speed team, while the women’s speed team hoping that it goes to Lake Louise, Canada Mother Nature is cooperating for a few downhill runs and a Super-G.

Let’s start with Lake Louise, right ?! It’s going to be difficult up there, with rain and heavy, wet snow. In downhill training on Tuesday, the usual suspects rose to the top, including Italy’s hardened reigning downhill champion Sofia Goggia, followed by Slovenian Ilka Stuhec and Swiss Joana Haehlen. Breezy Johnson, the four-time World Cup downhill podium, led the US women with the fourth fastest time, while two-time Olympic and six-time world champion Mikaela Shiffrin started with starting number 31 and 17th (or 12th-fastest if you take away those missed the goals). For many women, the light was flat and said it was the “sketchiest” run they have ever done, but in the end they all got into what might be their only training run, whatever the weather.

“Trained up here, obviously they worked really hard with the weather, there are definitely some weak spots and some bally spots to fix, but I think they do a great job,” said Johnson of the conditions at our neighbor in the North. “I think a lot of people didn’t really expect to be able to do a top-down training run today, so it’s good that … hopefully we’ll get another training run at some point. Hopefully it comes together for race day. All in all, I’m feeling fine … the weather looks better for this weekend, so hopefully we’ll have some sun here in Lake Louise. “

Shiffrin, who rode the longboards the day before arriving in Lake Louise but is confident in the form of five podiums in both Super-G and Downhill, underscored by a Downhill win in 2017 and a Super-G win in 2018 – which brought her to the history books as the only female athlete in history to win in all six disciplines. “Actually, I was almost surprised how much the surface reacted, that was probably because I haven’t actually skied a descent, so I didn’t have any great expectations… but my skis felt really good and they felt like they would they run and I just skied solidly everywhere, nothing too crazy. I didn’t push too much, but I felt like it was a really good first run and step and I can build on that and feel a little more familiar with the track … a little more speed and aggressiveness from here and Aerodynamics into it. ”

There is a large female contingent in Lake Louise, and Head Women’s Coach Paul Kristofic hopes to use Thursday’s second practice run to set the final starting list for Friday’s race. Luckily there seems to be a little weather break on Friday, so the women are all keeping their fingers crossed that they will do at least one race.

The men are looking forward to four opportunities on home soil, as last weekend’s canceled Lake Louise downhill run was added to the program this weekend in Beaver Creek – two Super-G races, followed by two downhill races on Saturday and Sunday. Ryan Cochran-Siegle, who returned to the Lake Louise World Cup speed competition for the first time since his injury last January at Hahnenkamm, finished in a respectable top 10 in Lake Louise to lead the men, but he’s got even more gas in the tank.

In the first and only training run today at Birds of Prey, however, Cochran-Siegle had problems with the snow. The Birds of Prey track is widely regarded as the best groomed track on the World Cup circuit, which includes snow wizard Tom Johnston (aka “Cowboy”), the legendary Beaver Creek mountain team who works with the Talon crew see is volunteers from local associations tearing their butts trying to make the surface special. With warm temperatures in this racing series, the crew had a challenge, but it lived up to it. The surface was soft and smooth under sunny blue skies, but the warm temperatures caused some problems.

Cochran-Siegle didn’t feel good all the way down. “Well, I would say my skiing today wasn’t race quality and I have to adapt to the conditions to be competitive,” he said. “The snow didn’t feel good today, but it was still the same snow that everyone else drove on. It’s up to me to find out how I can drive it the way I want. ”

Many of the athletes came down saying the track was coming quickly, largely due to the lack of terrain this year due to the lack of snow. Cochran-Siegle felt different. “It didn’t feel like high speeds to me, just the skis were moving away at every turn, especially under high pressure,” he recalled. “No matter how hard you pushed yourself into the snow, there was never an answer.”

Bennett, on the other hand, tinkering with his shoe setup, had a good feeling. Travis Ganong, who won the Vail / Beaver Creek World Championships silver in downhill, also had a smile on his face in the finish area when he greeted his parents and friends with “Travis Ganong Fan Club” caps. He set the 11th fastest time of the day, although there were a lot of guys who didn’t manage to score all the goals, including the three fastest of the day – Austrian Max Franz, French Matthieu Bailet and Norwegian Adrian Sejersted. Jared Goldberg set the fastest time of the day among the Americans in ninth place, while his teammate and veteran Steven Nyman also fought for a good feeling after an Achilles tendon injury in summer 2020.

Celebrate the legend of birds of prey, Ted Ligety
Celebrate with us the two-time Olympic champion and absolute legend Ted Ligety at the Xfinity Birds of Prey. Cheer on this legend of Beaver Creek as we celebrate its historic career, including 12 podiums at Beaver Creek, and stay at Beaver Creek Village for a memorial poster signing on Friday, December 3rd, from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm at Beaver Creek Village . We celebrate Ligety the whole weekend, so make sure to come to the downhill race on Saturday as well, because Shred is celebrating a special festival in honor.

For more information about what’s going on at Beaver Creek Village, parking and transportation, and spectator access and viewing, please visit

Make sure to watch all the action this weekend as the Fidelity Path to Qualify for athletes continues into the Olympic season. Ligety, who served as an analyst during NBC Sports’ coverage of Killington last week, will also serve as an analyst at Beaver Creek this weekend, Friday through Sunday, while Olympic medalist Andrew Weibrecht will serve as an analyst for the men’s Super-G on Thursday and all weekend for the women’s speed series in Lake Louise.

The starters of the women will be determined on the basis of the second training run. The following athletes are currently out and about in Lake Louise taking part in training runs.

Keely Cashman
Airy Johnson
Mo Lebel
Lauren Macuga
Tricia Manganese
Mikaela Shiffrin
Jackie Wiles
Alix Wilkinson
Bella Wright

Erik Arvidsson
Bryce Bennett
Ryan Cochran-Siegle
Travis Ganong
Jared Goldberg
Steven Nyman
River Radamus (SG only)

Downhill skiing women 1
Downhill skiing men 1

All times EST

Thursday, Dec 2, 2021
1:45 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Men Super-G – LIVE, Beaver Creek, CO, Streaming, peacock
11:00 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Men’s Xfinity Birds of Prey Super-G – same day broadcast, Beaver Creek, CO, NBCSN

Friday, December 3rd, 2021
12:30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Men’s Super-G – LIVE, Beaver Creek, CO, broadcast by NBCSN
12:30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Men Super-G – LIVE, Beaver Creek, CO, Streaming, peacock
2.30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Women Downhill – LIVE, Luisensee, CAN, Ski and snowboard live

Saturday 4th December
1:00 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Men – LIVE Beaver Creek, CO, Streaming peacock
1:00 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Men – LIVE Beaver Creek, CO, broadcast by NBCSN
2.30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Women Downhill – LIVE, Luisensee, CAN, Ski and snowboard live, Streaming peacock
5:00 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Men’s – same day broadcast, Beaver Creek, CO, broadcast NBC

Sunday 5th December
12:30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Women Super-G – LIVE Lake Louise, CAN, Streaming peacock
2:00 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Men – LIVE, Beaver Creek, CO, Streaming peacock
2.30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Women Super G – LIVE, Lake Louise, CAN, Ski and snowboard live
2:30 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Men’s – Same day broadcast, Beaver Creek, CO, broadcast, NBCSN
4:00 p.m. FIS Alpine World Cup Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Men – broadcast same day, Beaver Creek, CO, broadcast NBC

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