V Rising Gear Score Guide: What is the Max Gear Score?


Want to learn more about Gear Score in V Rising? Perhaps you’re new to Stunlock’s fantastical and gory open-world survival game and would like an introduction to the game’s unusual leveling system. Or maybe you’re a dozen hours into your last playthrough and want to know how far you still have to go before your vampire is as strong as possible?

The answers you seek are waiting just below. We’ll walk you through the importance of Gear Score, how to increase it, and the maximum Gear Score you can achieve in V Rising.

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V Rising Gear score explained

Similar to RPGs like Destiny and New World, in V Rising you don’t level up your character by gaining experience. Instead, your level is determined solely by the Gear Score of your currently equipped gear.

You can view your Gear Score at any time in V Rising, either by accessing your inventory or by checking the number next to your in-game health bar. Your Gear Score will change as you equip and unequip certain items. So don’t be surprised if your Gear Score suddenly changes when you switch between different weapons on your hotbar.

The Gear Score has no meaning when fighting other players, but it is very important when fighting NPC opponents. The amount of damage you deal to an enemy is based on your current gear score relative to their level. If an opponent has a much higher level than your current Gear Score, you won’t be able to do much damage to them at all.

When you see an enemy, pay attention to the color of their level and health bar, as they indicate how easy or difficult it can be to defeat them. For example, red tells you that the enemy is probably too difficult to handle at the moment. And if an enemy’s level is far enough above your Gear Score, their level will be displayed as a skull rather than a number.

If you see this skull icon next to an enemy (especially a named enemy), you should probably run.

What is the max gear score in V Rising?

The maximum Gear Score you can achieve in V Rising is 80. Beyond this point, you can only get stronger through consumables, skills, planning, and skill.

It’s likely that Stunlock Studios will update their game and add more late game regions to explore that will increase the maximum Gear Score to over 80. But for now, that’s about all you can do, I’m afraid.

How to increase your Gear Score

You improve your Gear Score simply by equipping items with higher Gear Score values. You can check a piece of gear’s Gear Score by hovering over it in the inventory. You can also check an item’s gear rating before you’ve even crafted it by hovering over the recipe in the crafting window.

The easiest way to improve your Gear Score is by following the quests the game gives you and by using your Blood Altar to track down and kill increasingly powerful bosses. Slaying these bosses will unlock important structures and recipes that will allow you to craft more powerful weapons and armor.

That concludes this guide to the inner workings of the Gear Score system in V Rising. If you want to craft new weapons, make sure you know how to find iron and copper in V Rising. If you’re still struggling in battle, learn how to heal in V Rising to ensure you’re always fit for battle. If you need to get away quickly, check out our guide on how to get a horse in V Rising.


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