Valve’s Steam PC platform breaks new record for concurrent users



A character who drives a 4x4 bike across the sand in PUBG.

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As the Sundays unstoppable virus continues its cruel pandemic into a new week, it seems that more people than ever are turning to video games to survive. On the 10th Sunday since the outbreak began, January 2nd, Steam broke its concurrent user record, hitting just under 28 million.

More than the entire population of Madagascar logged into Valve’s PC monopoly Online store at the same time yesterday, the total number reached 27,942,036. (Thank you u / Turbostrider27.) Given that at the time of writing – when most of the US is still in bed – it stands at 26,919,922, that seems like a record that is likely to be broken again today. Not least because it is the 11th Sunday in a row.

A diagram from SteamDB showing lifetime concurrent users on Steam.

Graphically for your pleasure.
image: SteamDB

According to the statistics of SteamDB, somewhere between seven and eight million of these people were actually in the game at the same time, the other 20 million probably rummaging through infinite sales or telling someone else to “do god” on a discussion board rather than face their own emotional struggles.

Most of these people played Counterstrike despite all other possible options, with Dota 2, PUBG: battlefields (which stands for it PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds), Apex legends and GTA V make up the rest of the top 5. Yup, the last released game that dominates PC gaming is from 2019, the next from 2017.

Meanwhile, scientists are still speculating about when this Sunday plague will end, which began on December 24th last year and shows no sign of an end as New Years Day is unlikely to have leaked into this week. There is hope that at some point in that month the days of the week will be restored so that people can regain a sense of foundation, understanding of the passage of time, and remembering the date even though the New Year only begins a handful of days .



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