Walk a greener route with Google Maps, now in Europe


Google Maps is getting an update this week in Europe that will allow users to choose the greener route, rather than just the quickest. That’s based on recent reports highlighting the new feature, which Google says will be released in more than 40 countries.

However, Google hasn’t mentioned exactly which countries the rollout will be effective in. Presumably not included in the list is Germany, which was included alongside Canada in a previous update. With 44 countries officially making up Europe, all but 3 countries should now have access to the feature.

What does the eco-friendly route function of Google Maps bring to Europe?

Now there are also no new features or additions to the previously launched eco-friendly directions feature in Google Maps as it rolls out to more regions of Europe. So it will work the same as in other areas.

That should help cement Maps as one of the best navigation apps available.

In summary, Google will now start showing the most fuel-efficient route users can take to their destinations. Typically this means routes at a more constant cruising speed. With fewer stops – and less traffic, if possible. But as a rule, there will also be routes with not quite as many or as great differences in altitude. And there are undoubtedly other factors that are taken into account as well.

These routes are selected by default. So users don’t have to turn anything on or off to access the feature. In addition, Google marks the routes with an easy-to-read leaf-shaped symbol to indicate that it is the most environmentally friendly route.

For those who wish to disable the mode, this can also be done in the Google Maps app’s settings menu. Or vice versa, users can simply select a different route from the highlighted roads while navigating. The eco-friendly route isn’t always the quickest, so it’s important for users to pay attention to the ETAs displayed in the app.


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