Water Resistance Tester is an Android app that checks your phone’s IP rating


Smartphone manufacturers always give the phones they sell an IP or Ingress Protection rating, that is, when they have passed a series of tests. However, if you’re curious and want to test whether your smartphone is waterproof or not, there is an app called the Water Resistance Tester that does the job. This way, you don’t have to submerge your device in water and permanently damage it just to find out if it can prevent liquids from entering the case.

The water resistance tester tests the integrated barometer on your smartphone to give you the results

All things age, including your smartphone, and it’s not just the electronics that degrade over time, but also the seals that protect the handset. The Water Resistance Tester available in the Google Play Store tests the integrity of these seals with the barometer of your device. It’s completely free to use and if you check out the images below we decided to test the app for ourselves to check its accuracy.

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We had a OnePlus Nord lying around so we installed the app and decided to test the app. OnePlus didn’t market the Nord for an IP rating, and when we pressed both thumbs firmly on the display, the app told us what we already knew. However, just because you get confirmation that your device is waterproof doesn’t guarantee that it will continue to work if you take it with you for a swim.

Most phone manufacturers run tests in “freshwater” conditions, warning owners that the warranty does not cover a smartphone that has suffered water damage. In order to check whether the inside of a smartphone has been destroyed by penetrating liquid, there are certain indicators on the logic boards that change color when they come into contact with liquid.

In short, use the water resistance tester to make sure of the protection levels of your smartphone, but avoid water bodies while owning your device.

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