We have found 4 NFT collections that are perfect for purchase and long-term storage



The NFT industry has produced various high-profile collections. Investing in these collections can prove to be a little pointless as not everyone wants to buy and flip non-fungible tokens. It is therefore crucial to find emerging collections far from their maximum potential and to enable long-term preservation.

Beyond CryptoPunks and ArtBlocks

When you think of NFT collections, CryptoPunks and ArtBlocks come to mind pretty quickly. Both collections have actually reached an enormous trading volume and high price floors. For CryptoPunks, a volume of almost 550,000 ETH – worth around 1.9 billion US dollars – indicates that there is room for day trading.

Buying a CryptoPunk and selling it for a profit on the same day is not in the least impossible. However, the collection requires a heavy upfront investment as the price floor is well above the 100 ETH mark. The same goes for the enormous trading volume of ArtBlocks, albeit more normal price floors, depending on which of the three collections you want to explore.

The following four projects may be of greater interest to users new to NFT or looking to invest in a long-term project. They are nowhere near the max price, nor are they designed for day trading purposes.

Ether cards

the Ether cards Collection includes 10,000 unique NFTs that are dynamic in nature. Dynamic NFTs help to involve existing community members, but also enable continuous growth. In addition, it is a way for artists, celebrities, and athletes to gamify sales and drops or incorporate non-fungible tokens into a company. The team worked with the likes of Steve Aoki and Mike Tyson to bring limited edition sets to market.

There is currently a running $ Dust token Air drop for all Ether Cards NFT holders. The $ Dust can be used across the ecosystem or exchanged for high quality NFTs, including CryptoPunks and Meebits. Ether cards have a lower price limit of 0.425 ETH and 2,700 ethers in trading volume. Other benefits to be unlocked include free services, discounts, VIP access passes, NFT drops, and special features. More perks – including real-world events and items – will be rolled out soon.


The concept of BitColors is quite fascinating as NFT holders will own a new color. Owning colors is akin to owning crypto, silver, and gold worldwide, as the possibilities are unlimited. There are only 1,000 colors available that can be freely traded and sold. In contrast to most other NFT projects, BitColors is not about automatically generated avatars. Instead, the value of these NFTs comes from the heart and soul of the owner. Ownership of color is unparalleled in this industry and sets BitColors apart.

The Bitcolors team would like to use a dedicated marketing push to ensure that tokenized colors are consistently accepted in the blockchain. A color book and a short art film are part of the roadmap to draw more attention to the project. It is undoubtedly a project aimed at making it easier to hold long term as new colors open up and fully new world of possibilities.

Speaking of opportunities, the BitColors roadmap introduces community activities, collaborations with digital artists using BitColors to create new NFT artwork, and combining BitColors NFTs into rare palettes and artwork.

Sneaky vampire syndicate

the Sneaky vampire syndicate The NFT collection consists of 8,888 unique NFTs. Each vampire is generated randomly and has native properties and expressions. They’re good “profile picture collectibles,” though there are other benefits to discover. Every vampire provides access to the Syndicate where no mortal has ever survived. Additionally, the roadmap introduces some long-term goals, including batmate creation, the Vampire Lair metaverse, and a second generation project. Additionally, there will be breeding options, vamp meetups, community contests, a treasure hunt, and a DeFi utility for these NFTs in the future.

Per OpenSea, the collection currently includes 4,900 owners, which is more than respectable. At the current lower price limit of 1,696 ETH and with

17,000 ETH trading volume, it is still early to jump on this collection. The appeal of gaining access to an exclusive video game is an incentive to long-term hold. In addition, both the Companions and the second generation project development can influence the price of these vampires.


Similar to Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, the MekaVerse Collection consists of 8,888 unique NFTs. However, these are not traditional art styles as the team today took inspiration from the various Japanese mecha content. Each work of art has unique colors and properties. At the moment their main purpose is collecting, but the team aims to introduce physical creations – possibly through 3D printing – and to collaborate with other artists worldwide.

The Meka Multiverse is a long term goal as it will offer a second significant drop for all Generation 0 MekaVerse owners. In addition, the team will introduce Meka Dimensions and their relationships and actively explore cooperation with famous Mecha licenses. Mekas will remain part of the Meka universe for a long time, giving access to future events and other ideas the team would like to explore. MekaVerse comprises 5,400 owners, 25,300 ETH in the traded volume and has a minimum price of 6.55 ETH.

Final thoughts

Long-term investment in NFTs requires projects with a roadmap and vision that add more value to owning a non-fungible token. While “profile picture projects” are ideal for flipping and day trading, there is a lot of potential with NFTs that can be unlocked. Finding these projects can benefit users who want to get these assets and keep them in their portfolio for a long time.



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