Weekend PC Game Deals: Daily Freebies, Endless Coupons, and More



Weekend PC gaming deals Here, every week, the hottest gaming offers from across the internet are gathered in one place for you to consume. So sit back, relax, and hold your wallets tight.

The Epic Games Store end-of-year Christmas sale kicked off with another giveaway festival where you can redeem two weeks of daily games for free instead of the usual weekly games. It’s also on the second offer, and the freebie slot is from Neon abyss after Shenmue III yesterday’s gift.

The title is a fast-paced rogue-like shooter in which you are a member of the ‘Grim Squad’, a team put together by Hades who goes on a journey to the Abyss to defeat gods. It features random item drops that have stacking effects as the run progresses, as well as unique dungeons with different endings tailored to your play style.

Neon abyss can make claims free of charge on the Epic Games Store through its store page. The next freebie is a puzzle that’s set to change at 11:00 AM ET. If you’re reading this special a little late into the weekend, then the free game has already changed. The epic $ 10 coupon has also returned, which you can read about in the Big Deals section below.

Rayman Origins Ubisoft's 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes

A giveaway was also received from Ubisoft this week during the company’s 35th anniversary celebrations. Rayman Origins is the last free game from the promotion.

The very highly rated platform game from 2011 offers over 60 levels for running, jumping, flying and swimming. In addition to playing solo as Rayman, you can invite up to three other friends on a co-op adventure with local drop in and out games.

Ubisofts Rayman Origins The free promotion will be available through December 22nd and will be offered for the company’s Ubisoft Connect client.

Free events

Free weekend events

It’s a free-to-play war between shooter giants this weekend as both Activision and EA have hosted free events for their recently released shooters.

You can try it out Call of Duty: Vanguards Multiplayer part via the Battle.net client until December 21st with three playlists with the most popular game modes. Meanwhile on Steam, DICE’s Battlefield 2042 is free to try until Monday. All-Out Warfare, Portal and Hazard Zone modes will be available during the period.

At the same time there are also free events for Ubisoft’s open world role-playing game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on the Ubisoft Connect Launcher as well as the dinosaur-themed survival multiplayer game ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam.

Great deals

The Steam Winter Sale is next week, but everyone else has already started their own Christmas promotions. EA has also launched a sale for its EA Play subscription on Steam, which offers a 50% discount on the annual plan. This brings the price of the subscription down to just $ 14.99 for one year of access. Remember, as a PC Game Pass member, you already have access to EA Play.

The biggest discounts right now are easily found at the Epic Games Store, which brought back its coupon offer. This will add $ 10 off any game priced over $ 14.99 at the box office during the winter sale. Keep this in mind when browsing the highlights list for this weekend shown below as it shows the pre-coupon prices:

DRM free goodness

GOG doesn’t let up in the winter sales either, bringing its own big promotion with thousands of DRM-free offers. Here is a small selection of highlights:

Note that availability and prices for some offers may vary by region.

That’s it for our pick of this weekend’s PC game deals, and hopefully some of you have enough self-control not to add to your ever-growing arrears. As always, there is a tremendous amount of other offerings ready and waiting all over the internet as well as in services you may already have subscribed to as you browse them. So keep your eyes open and wish you a good weekend.

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