What is the 1899 series on Netflix about?


just what is 1899 on Netflix for example? The streaming service’s new show from the creators of Dark is proving popular, but many people aren’t sure exactly what the show is about. Is 1899 a horror series, a mystery series, a science fiction series, or something else? Does it involve the supernatural or is it more grounded? is it in english Here’s what the Netflix show 1899 is all about.

What is 1899 on Netflix about?

1899 on Netflix is ​​a slow motion horror mystery series set aboard a ship called Kerberos while investigating a lost ship called Prometheus. There is full English dubbing and the main characters speak English, but 1899 is intended as a multilingual show.

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While 1899 has been marketed as a mystery story with an emphasis on turn-of-the-century horror, that’s only part of what the series is about. First off, one of the main themes is that all the characters are running from something. The main character is Maura (Emily Beecham), one of the UK’s first female doctors and a specialist in neurology. She is being haunted by visions of an insane asylum and may know someone aboard the Prometheus.

Destined for the US, the Kerberos is filled with migrants from all over Europe and even Asia. The show is very multicultural and many of the characters only speak their native language. They all have their secrets, fears and hopes. However, things get complicated when the Kerberos intercepts her missing sister ship, the Prometheus, four months after her disappearance. Then the horror elements and the nightmare for the passengers begin.

1899 is now streaming on Netflix. The show not based on any specific true story but has elements of real events. Here are the Main theories about the endingfor all who are still lost.


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