What TES 6 can learn from Game of Thrones that Skyrim couldn’t


Skyrim is a game that presents players with a stunning and story-rich world to explore, but there are many ways its sequel could look like The Elder Scrolls 6 can improve its foundation, and one way to improve it is to take some notes game of Thrones. Special, IT 6 could take an extra step in terms of how it implements politics and relations between different factions of its world. Rumors have suggested so Skyrim‘s sequel will have a complex political system, and there are several ways this rumored system could benefit from following George RR Martin’s epic fantasy-in-progress.

There were the beginnings of a more interesting political structure in Skyrim. Fans of the 2011 game may recall the strained relationship between the Imperial Legion and the rebellious Stormcloak faction, which the player was able to meddle with, ultimately deciding the outcome of the war between these two factions. This civil war, commonly referred to as the Stormcloak Rebellion, has deep roots in Skyrim lore and involves complex factors such as religion, betrayal and racial identity.

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Although this long-lasting Skyrim Conflict is certainly fascinating, player involvement in the game is surprisingly sparse. Ultimately, being the protagonist in the Stormcloak Rebellion boils down to a few talks and fights. This conflict, and social or political arguments in general, could have been made more interesting by including choices like marrying the wrong people Skyrim character, having relationships outside of key events, and making more subtle dialogue choices. Happily, The Elder Scrolls 6 can add depth to his policy and learn from it game of ThronesStorytelling can help with this by expanding Skyrim‘s rudimentary political RPG framework.

Politics in Skyrim should have been more than just fighting

Skyrim civil war battle up close

Tensions between factions in Skyrim are steadily increasing, as evidenced by many background events; Players can watch as rebel soldiers are executed for treason in Imperial strongholds like Solitude, NPCs regularly suggest joining the Imperial Legion, and thinly veiled threats and insults are spat out by members of both factions. The game even begins with the player being captured by Imperial soldiers. However, one might think that one might not immediately recognize this conflict as something that the player can interact with since most of its symptoms don’t flow into the gameplay.

Although this civil war changed many elements Skyrim, the main events leading to these changes are almost exclusively battles and sieges of Keyholds like Solitude and Whiterun. While these fights can serve as satisfying climaxes and be fun from a gameplay perspective, a greater focus on allegiances, interpersonal relationships, and dialogue segments would have done a lot to convey the seriousness of the conflict, as it would have provided a better sense of immersion and greater variety of gaming experiences. This is an area where The Elder Scrolls 6 should improve, and it can begin adjusting some of the narrative elements featured in game of Thrones.

The Skyrim sequel can learn from the sophistication of Game of Thrones

Skyrim: How Ulfric Stormcloak first came to power

In game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, events and decisions may seem trivial or insignificant at first, but often have unexpected consequences. Where for example Skyrim‘s best character marriages are fun but ultimately inconsequential, marriages in game of Thrones are far more effective, symbolizing the union of two families and solidifying the responsibilities and burdens that accompany that union. A good example of the importance of marriage game of Thrones would be the conflict between Robb Stark and the Freys, which saw Robb betrothed to a Frey, as part of a strategic move to ensure the loyalty of the powerful family. However, because of his short-sighted, immature worldview, he married another woman and spurned the Freys. This ultimately led to the Freys betraying the Starks, siding with the Lannisters, and murdering several of the show’s biggest characters in a single evening.

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This iconic moment of game of ThronesThat means “The Red Wedding‘ came as the culmination of Robb’s political blunders – it wasn’t the pivotal event in the plot. kill for sure Skyrim NPCs can often affect specific quests and even lead to major city changes at the heart of the Civil War questline, but these kills are usually the major turning points of individual subplots, and not by-products of more subtle decisions. The Elder Scrolls 6 could give more weight to marriages, so that a player belonging to a certain faction could either create ties to important families or offend them through strategic or stupid marriages. These could and perhaps still should have dramatic or gory consequences, but these showdowns would have more complex, multi-layered causes.

Marriage isn’t the only mechanic that could benefit from taking a page out of the game of Thrones playbook. In game of ThronesDialogue was often more important than combat, as characters regularly used their cunning to gain information and manipulate others. Skyrim Players can max out certain skills, including Speech, but this skill usually only comes into play in isolated cases where the player can lie or convince an NPC of something. If The Elder Scrolls 6 should be a little more similar game of Thrones, this language skill would need to be used over extended periods of time, with players having to use their own wits to choose the best dialogue option to either get someone on their side, gather information, or organize a broader scheme. The skill could also be used in more subtle ways, forcing players to think critically about all of their dialogue options, not just those occurring at key points of certain quests or interactions.

As a whole, The Elder Scrolls 6 could improve Skyrim‘s grosser political storylines and worldbuilding elements by introducing a little more subtlety through traits of game of thrones. That Elder Scrolls Games have cool and important lore that involves Tamriel’s many different factions and personalities, and the next entry in the series should capitalize on this by increasing the player’s impact on the world outside of single moments. This can be achieved by less emphasis on bombastic battles and more emphasis on interpersonal relationships, betrayal, cunning and wit. Skyrim got this political system off to a great start, but The Elder Scrolls 6 can make it really robust, unique and intellectually engaging as well as entertaining.

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