WhatsApp Android app: The 5 most important functions for your gadget, from status updates, disappearance mode to flash calls


WhatsApp is constantly changing. It is constantly looking for new features that need to be developed and then deployed. In general, it is about making tasks easier or simply embellishing or increasing the entertainment quotient. So what are we talking about? WhatsApp is about to change again and here we introduce you to the upcoming features that are likely to be implemented in future updates. Yes, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and the 100 billion personal messages exchanged daily on the platform testify to its increasing popularity. One of the reasons for this soaring popularity is that it is constantly adding new features for the users.

WhatsApp status updates excluded from backup

The company is considering excluding WhatsApp status updates from its backups stored on Google Drive. WABetaInfo reports that it is doing this to save valuable storage space. Now, Google Drive offers endless storage space for WhatsApp backups. But it is said that WhatsApp plans to make the backup available locally on users’ smartphones, which is why it intends to exclude status updates that disappear in 24 hours.

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WhatsApp disappearance mode

Another feature the company is working on is Disappearance Mode. All messages sent after this feature was activated will disappear after a period of seven days. Also, once activated, users will be notified that all of their chats will be deleted after one week. This function was confirmed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp end-to-end backups

Meanwhile, WhatsApp plans to encrypt backups on Google Drive using the same backup technique it uses to encrypt all chats on its platform. The encryption key WhatsApp uses to decrypt backups and give users access to their conversations and other updates contains only numeric digits and lowercase letters between “a” and “f”. This converts the encryption key into a hex code and prevents unauthorized access to WhatsApp backups.

WhatsApp flash calls

To speed up the process of quick verification when logging into WhatsApp, the company plans to introduce a feature called Flash Calls. As part of this method, WhatsApp will call a user’s phone number and then automatically end the call.

Check WhatsApp voice messages

This feature allows users to review a voice message before it is shared with the recipient. Now users can either record or delete a voice message before sending it. Now it is said that the company is working on a feature that will add a stop button to the existing setup. By pressing this stop button, users can review the recorded message, from where they can either continue recording or delete their message.


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