WhatsApp Beta now lets you change your preferred language in the app, beating Android 13


Some people like their chat interface in a different language than their phone

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WhatsApp is the most popular communication platform in many parts of the world. Many people who live in multilingual areas also rely on the app, as they often switch seamlessly between languages ​​and dialects in everyday life. However, phones and technology don’t make this process that easy, with rigid language selection options and inflexible system-wide defaults. The latest beta version of WhatsApp aims to change that. It now allows you to select your preferred language independently of the language set for your entire smartphone.

As first spotted by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta version introduced the language switcher for early testers, while version is making it much more widespread. We were able to confirm the findings on version ourselves, with WhatsApp allowing us to switch to another language. The option to choose your language can be found in the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of WhatsApp settings app language. The feature was previously spotted in an app teardown, so it’s not surprising that WhatsApp is now testing it in the beta channel.

If you want to try the language switcher for yourself, make sure you join the WhatsApp beta on the Play Store. Alternatively, if it’s already full, you can get the latest beta version of APK Mirror.

WhatsApp is far from the first app that allows independent language selection. The most prominent example is probably Google Maps, which introduced the option in early 2021. In any case, Google wants to make per-app language switching a system-wide feature in Android 13, where you can choose your preferred language for each app individually in the system settings. This will challenge in-app switchers like the one in WhatsApp in the long run, but it will take a long time for all Android devices to update to the upcoming version, so it’s great to see this stopgap.

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