Why Sora’s hair and feet are the wrong size


Sora’s signature spiky hair and oversized shoes make him such a recognizable protagonist. Why is Kingdom Hearts 4 changing that?

That Kingdom Hearts series has always been easily recognizable for its unique art style, particularly evident in the design of its protagonist Sora, whose hair and feet feel oddly small in the latest trailer. The rationale behind this is simple. The franchise’s original characters must be able to seamlessly blend into animated Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. This is the Kingdom Hearts Games tend to have bright color palettes while their characters sport unique toon-like attributes like gloves and oversized shoes. However, the Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer, released as part of the series’ 20th anniversary, showed players a version of Sora that appears to have lost her spiky hair and exaggerated facial features. What happened to Sora’s iconic design?


The 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts was held on March 28, but the special anniversary event in Japan was not held until April 10. Several interviews, artworks and even trailers were released during this event to celebrate the history of the series and provide a glimpse of its future. A brand new mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing Linkwas among those revelations, as was the previously announced one Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. The biggest surprise, however, came in the form of an early gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4. Although it looks like it KH4 will pick up immediately after the events Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memoryother elements such as the game’s art style seemed to deviate significantly from tradition.

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That’s what some fans suspected Kingdom Hearts 4The visual style of is just one example of how the series finally got the final fantasy side of its crossover premise. The trailer looks similar to the last one final fantasy games like that FFVII Remake and FFXV. The latest numbered title in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3She has been criticized for almost completely excluding them final fantasy Characters from its gameplay. perhaps KH4The developers of are trying to compensate by taking back the Disney influence in the latest game in the series. However, there are a few reasons to believe that this is not the case, and the biggest of these is directly related to it Kingdom Hearts‘ ongoing plot.

What Sora’s looks mean for the story of Kingdom Hearts 4

The end of Kingdom Hearts 3 culminating in Sora being sent from his current reality into an entirely new reality, an afterlife of sorts known as the Quadratum. To other characters in Kingdom HeartsQuadratum is considered a realm of fiction, an unreality that no one can travel to or escape from without great difficulty. ReMind by Kingdom Hearts DLC and melody of memory Either way, the other characters in the series go off to search for Sora while players learn a bit more about where he was sent. Some of the footage in these games shows that Quadratum isn’t just inspired by the real world, but actually includes locations like Shibuya. Even Sora’s KH4 Apartment appears to have a real address.

Quadratum represents reality rather than the fictional world that players have encountered in the rest of the game Kingdom Hearts series, and that’s exactly why Sora looks the way he looks in it KH4. His outfit has been toned down significantly compared to previous games, and his hair is now almost completely flat compared to the signature spikes he sports in the rest of the series. His shoes, the many Kingdom Hearts Fans were quick to note that they’re also a regular height compared to his standard attire. Even the world itself seems toned down compared to the usual Kingdom Hearts art style. The city of Quadratum is almost entirely monochromatic.

Luckily, it looks like these artistic changes will only apply to Sora and others Kingdom Hearts Characters within Quadratum. The end of Kingdom Hearts 4 The trailer shows Donald and Goofy looking almost the same as in Kingdom Hearts 3implies that other Kingdom Hearts Characters also don’t face the drastic changes that Sora does. Once Sora is rescued, he too should revert to his iconic appearance. However, whether that will happen during KH4 or later in a future game is currently unknown.

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