Why you need to stop using instant apps on your Android phone


If you’d rather not bother with instant apps, you’ll be happy to learn how easy it is to disable them. According to Google, not all Android phones support instant apps. If this is the case for you, you can turn it off by opening the settings menu in the Google Play app and navigating to General > Google Play Instant. From here, just uncheck the “Update Web Links” option. With this option disabled, search links will no longer open with instant apps, although you can still manually launch instant apps by tapping the “Try Now” button in the Google Play Store listing. This menu also lets you see a running list of instant apps you’ve tried in the past. You can tap each to see more information about it. It will show you how much data it is using before giving you a chance to delete it.

If you’d rather use instant apps, there are a few additional options that are available to you. One of the most important things to know is that some devices let you manage individual permissions for each instant app like you would a regular app, giving you fine control over whether they can access your camera or microphone, for example. This is an important feature for those with security and privacy concerns. To change these, you need to go to the app’s info view and tap Permissions, as explained above.


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