Will the old ‘Fortnite’ map ever come back?


Devoted fans of a long-running game franchise will almost always freak out when they see an important part of the game they love to play has been changed. Hell, people get hissing attacks when a character’s costume changes, or when there is the slightest change in any aspect of design.

So you can only imagine how Fourteen days Fans felt as the game’s map went through several overhauls and a lot of people asked: is the old map coming back? Ever?

Is the old ‘Fortnite’ map coming back?

Epic Games’ Cash Cow has seen a tremendous number of changes since its debut in 2017. From new weapons, game modes, rules, the introduction of vehicles, in-game concerts, cross-over events, movie release information … you name it, Fourteen days made it.

The island in the game itself has seen a ton of changes too, and OG players have longed for the days of the original map layout.

In fact, people have been calling for it since the launch of season two, and it seems like every time a new update is on the horizon, a number of rumors pop up that Epic will restore the map to its original state. or at least bring back classic locations like Tilted towers.

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But now with the release of Season 8, it looks like the long-roaming speculation that Epic will bring the game’s original map back into players’ hands may be believable.

And while people are hardly playing Fourteen days For the game’s storyline, the developers need to come up with a clever reason for the map’s return. Many people believe that the upcoming alien invasion will have a lot to do with it.

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So where is the “evidence” of this rumored reintroduction of the season one card? Well, whip out the tin foil and use your hat making skills. If you recall, during a de-arching event, it was revealed that the season one map had a huge metal mainframe in the middle. People have noticed that the alien mothership hovering over the island actually looks strikingly similar to this mainframe that surrounds the season one map.

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The zero point – which was exactly in the middle of the island and which became a central part of. became Fourteen days The flow of Chapter 2 – was also recently added to Google Maps IRL. While some fans of the game are speculating that Epic is doing this as a sort of “Easter egg” to show fans what’s coming, others have pointed out that pretty much anyone in the world can add almost anything they want to Google Maps.

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